Thursday, March 29, 2012

Essence Nail Art Twins - Romeo and Julia

Morning everyone! Today I'll be showing you the first of four sets of Essence Nail Art Twins that I have!
I absolutely adore Essence and their polishes, and the Nail Art Twins were such such a cute idea, I knew I had to get all the ones I could.

All of the Nail Art Twins are now discontinued, so I'm lucky to have them. Sadly, I don't have any of the older ones... So if any of my lovely readers have the older ones, I might be interested in swapping! Haha.

Essence Nail Art Twins - Romeo and Julia
As you might notice, all the Twins are named after fictitious couples. I was confused at first as to why this is "Julia" and not "Juliet" but some smart readers informed me that Julia is the way they say it in Germany! And Germany is where Essence comes from. So it makes sense now!

Essence - Romeo
Romeo is a medium gray creme with a great formula that covers well in 2 coats.
I've tried a lot of Essence polishes now and all of them have wonderful formulas! Another reason to love them.

Now we'll add the pretty glitter...

Essence - Julia
Julia is a crazy blingy, sparkly glitter topcoat. The base is clear and it is packed with small silver and holo glitter, as well as larger holographic square glitter that almost looks like little tiny mirrors!

Square glitter is the bomb.

Look how much it sparkles! I could stare into the bottle all day.

This combo is a definite winner in my books, and the best part is, I have three more winning Twin combos to show you in the next few days!

Before I go, I wanna show you some great nail mail that I got yesterday!

So much good stuff! All of this came from a lovely friend named Anissa, who was playing mailbox for me because we did some group orders from places that don't ship to Canada. (I got Across The Universe when it was on sale, and NOX Twilight polishes when they were on sale!)
Since she had stuff for me anyway, I had my 2 Color Club polishes from their contest sent to her.
And as if being my mailbox wasn't enough in itself, Anissa sent me a beautiful gift - my first Ciaté!
It's called Cupcake Queen which is so adorable because as you know, I love cupcakes.

She also sent me this adorable Hello Kitty 2-finger ring. Too cute! (Yes I'm still wearing my leopard french mani.)
Thank you Anissa, for everything!


  1. That ring is adorable! I love the square glitter in Julia. I am such a sucker for square glitter :)

  2. LOVE everything about this post. First of all, the HK ring is amazing. And the Essence Twins are awesome as well! I love the square glitter, I wish more companies would do square glitters =)

  3. love the square glitter!!!!

    have an award for you,

  4. I'm obsessed with these and I need to find them!

  5. I love the glitter! Juliette is actually called Julie in Denmark, so she's got many names. :)

  6. HOW do you get your cuticles so nice?! I love all your swatches =)

    1. lots of moisturizing! i use cuticle oil, and OPI Avojuice lotion like it's going out of style!

  7. All of your polishes are amazing, and the ring is adorable too!

  8. I tagged you in my blog Just for fun nails. Pop over and check it out

  9. one of the most beautiful glitters i have ever seen!

  10. i wish i could get essence in the uk but my dads friends might be getting me some
    please be my first follower ?

  11. Hi,

    I have Essence Troy (one part of a duo), let me know if you have it or not ;)

    I'm on MUA as SoundOfVision

    1. hey! thanks for the offer but i've got that one :)

  12. where did she buy that hello kitty ring? thanks!

    1. it was on ebay :( i dont know what seller


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