Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Collection - It's My Pink

Hey guys! I have a super cute polish to show you today which I love for several reasons:
-It's pink.
-It's scented.
-It's Betsey Johnson.

Sephora by OPI just released a Betsey Johnson collection featuring 7 full-sized polishes and a mini set of 6 that includes 3 shades exclusive to the mini set.
I wanted all of the polishes but that would have been a ton of money so I limited myself to this one and the mini set. (And a perfume gift set...)

There's no Sephora in my province so I had to order these online and I was impressed with the way Sephora safely packaged the polishes and perfume in a nice big box with lots of paper to keep it all safe.

Betsey says this is her favorite pink ever and it is definitely a good one!

Sephora by OPI - It's My Pink
This is a hot pink creme polish that covers well in 2 coats. Once dry, it smells just like Betsey's Too Too perfume! It was pretty strong at first but the smell faded a little after a few minutes. I really like the novelty of scented polishes, especially when they smell like pretty perfumes.

This polish retails at Sephora for $9.50 in the US or $12 in Canada.
(I totally hate the mark up in Sephora in Canada!)

One last cute picture...

Too Too has got to be one of the cutest perfume bottles of all time!

Tomorrow I'll post my swatches of the mini set, but be warned! You're going to want them.


  1. i love that is smells like her perfume!

  2. I love that perfume bottle! It's so adorable. And the color of the polish is great too:)

  3. Really pretty shade of pink.

  4. I wish you could send scent via internet, I'm really curious how it smells :)

  5. So gorgeous! Although there aren't Sephoras in England so I'm scared of seeing the mini set ;)

  6. I love hot pink cremes.. this is going on my wishlist!!

  7. love the colour! you should come here in oz for polish! opi is around $20.00 a bottle!!!!!

  8. Perfume scented nail polish? LOVE it!

  9. I generally don't care for pinks but this one is nice :)

  10. Great colour and I adore the perfume bottle!

  11. The color is really pretty, and i love that is scented, and the bottle of the perfume is gorgeous!