Saturday, March 3, 2012

Essence's Full Canadian Line Up (polish & makeup!)

Hey everyone! I'm gonna make another post again today about Essence and their recent release at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.

I got some comments and emails asking which polishes were available, and I wanted to pick up the rest of the polishes anyway, so I figured I'd go grab them today and clarify which ones seem to be available for now in the Canadian display. (There were only 8 I didn't have yet.)
While I was there I found a little brochure outlining all the products they have available and I thought some people would like to see this so I decided to do a full post about it!
I hope you guys like this post! I put a lot of work into it

And remember - nothing costs more than $4.99!

Keep reading to find out all the great products that are available now (or soon) in a Shoppers near you!

Here is the display once again. Polish on top and many layers of makeup below!
Apparently the display we have is only half of what you'd find in Germany or other places that carry Essence.

We'll look at the makeup first because that's first in the brochure.
You can click on these photos to enlarge them, read the product descriptions and see the prices!

There are quite a few things I want to try! I've really gotten more into makeup this year and I'm totally interested in these products.
I'm definitely going to pick up the gel eyeliner and matching brush because a reader told me it is comparable to MAC's Fluidline! And I'm too cheap for MAC.
I also have my eye on the 3-in-1 concealer and probably the "I ♥" mascara and eyeliner. And maybe a lipstick...

Now it's polish time!

Here's a crappy zoomed image from the picture (which I took on my iPhone.)
There is a topcoat and then 21 polish shades. (All the Space Queen's were sold out - I took the last one - and someone stuck a Lime Up in its slot so excuse that.)

And remember, these are only $1.49 each so you can totally afford to buy a bunch!

Here's a better picture of all the available colors. Click on this to enlarge it.

And here are some close ups, plus descriptions!

34 Walk of Fame (purple-toned brown/taupe creme)
70 Nude It! (nude creme)
04 Space Queen (iridescent glitter topcoat)
05 Sweet as Candy (sheer pink jelly)
44 Modern Romance (sheer pink-nude with shimmer)
46 Wake Up! (bright orange creme)
91 Glamorous Life (red jelly with pink glassfleck shimmer)

08 Ultimate Pink (hot pink creme)
26 Break Through (purple creme with slight golden shimmer)
43 Where Is The Party? (purple-green-gray duochrome)
86 A Lovely Secret (periwinkle purple with pink shimmer)
98 Walk On Air (royal blue creme)
75 Gleam In Blue (medium blue shimmer)
39 Lime Up! (bright yellow-green creme)

38 Choose Me! (green/blue/turquoise glassfleck with gold shimmer)
55 Let's Get Lost (bright teal blue creme)
53 You Belong To Me (bright blue-toned mint creme)
95 Wanna Be Your Sunshine (bright yellow with subtle shimmer)
68 High Spirits (army gray-green with silvery shimmer)
83 Luxury Secret (dark brown/gray shimmer)
59 Black is Back (black creme)

I don't quite understand why the collection has a bunch of different ones from different eras of the Color & Go line, it's a strange assortment, but some of the best colors are there!

Well, there you have it! All the cute, inexpensive Essence products you can now find at Shoppers Drug Mart.
They're supposed to be in all stores nation-wide by the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you're already familiar with Essence stuff - what products are your faves? I'd love to know.

Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. The I <3 Extreme-Mascara is a big hit here in germany. YOu should try it, i adore it also =D

    1. if it's a big hit, i'll be trying it! thank you :)

  2. Please, please could you do swatches of these nail polishes? Pretty, pretty please! <3

    Ohh, I'm obsessed with essence. Their nail polisha are great, I really wanna buy more. I have their blush brush and smokey eyes brush and they're quite good. I like them, their blushes are great too. Don't buy their compact powder or foundations. Concelaers are so-so. I love extreme mascara is really great, you should try it. Stay with me lipglosses are amazing, I love them. They're not sticky and they're really actually. I love their color and shine eyeshadows, you should definitely try them. The one in "Milky Way" is amazing. Ehm, lipsticks are not so great. I heard from a lot of people ( and as Shopping Monster said ) that gel eyeliners are great and I'm sure they are. My favorite products from them are their Stay all day cream eyeshadows.

    This was a long comment xD I hope I hepled you a bit^^

    1. don't worry, i will swatch them! i can't do any swatching for a week or so (i'm test driving a new opi gel on my nails) but as soon as i can, i will do these!
      and thank you for the tips! i'm getting the mascara for sure and i will check out the lipglosses.

  3. Lol at my mistakes xD

    *ther nail polishes
    ***and they're actually pretty good

    HAHAHA. I'm sorry, I'm kinda tired so I wasn't really thinking what was I writing + my awesome english ( not )

  4. I LOVE Essence! Over here, the polishes are only $0.99.

    Their eyeshadows and polishes are great. The eyebrow pencil and shaper was ok. They're the only products I've tried so far. I'm looking forward to trying their eyeshadow brushes and gel eyeliners.

    I've been lemming this polish for a long time! I've been to the three Shopper's in my area and none of them carry Essence yet, but I hope that will change soon!

  6. Oooh, "Glamorous Life" looks delicious! I may have to check Ulta here in the US because I think they sell essence. What I really want from essence, though, are their nail stamping sets. :)

  7. I love their gel liners,gel liner brush, cream eyeshadows, eye pencils and, of course, their nail polishes! If you can, try their nail art dry drops, so effective! In other hand, I don't like their concealers and foundations.Enjoy your stand :D!

  8. it looks to me that you have there just a regular assortment, not LE collections, that's why polishes are from "different eras". every year they change or add few colors, but it's not collection in real meaning of the word. I know here in Europe they have 2 stands of essence cosmetics in drogerie markt. I really hope for you canadians that you'll get LE collections soon, coz essence is really super cool.

  9. I've been to all the Shoppers in my area, and no Essence yet! Annoying, especially because I live in Vancouver! You think they'd give the major cities some displays first, right?! ;)

    1. i have a friend in vancouver and she found them at the Broadway and Cambie store. that's what she told another friend on facebook. haha!

  10. It's a great brand ! In Spain is quite easy to find (two shops in my city... in one they also have Catrice!) For me, the best are LE. When they're up to end, they always put the last items on sale (1€ each :) )
    However, the Colour & Go line has also some beauties... some of them I think you already have got (Dress for a moment is wonderful!) but I also love the "french manicure" stuff. I think it is in the other stand, that one that hasn't arrived yet. My base polish is from Essence, and I can wear it alone (it makes your nails look pinkier, and your tip whiter! )

    Hope the full collection arrives soon there!

  11. Here in Holland you have, just like most European countries, 2 Essence displays. 1 like this and one with nail art things and some more make-up. Also the Essence Show Your Feet polishes. Awesome they have Essence there now too. It would be nice if they gave you Catrice too xD

  12. Ugggh I'm so excited we're finally getting these!! I'm gonna be stalking Shopper's hard!!

  13. I've tried the 3 in 1 concealer and found it a bit hit and miss. I loved the green in it, liked the pink and did not like (at all, not in the slightest) the brown.
    I also like the gel liner and the brush, but admitedly it was my first gel liners & brush so I don't really have anything to compare it to.

  14. Oooooo I NEED to go get some! I had no idea till like yesterday that they were in Canada now. :D

  15. My Shoppers Drug Mart just put up the Essence display and I am sooooo Happy(My hubby just rolled his eyes...LOL)

  16. I love Essence too! Prices are quite good for its quality. As has been said before, there are a second line. The one you have is the make-up one, the second is for "treatment", you can find lots of nail accessories like image plates similar to Konad, nail stickers, french manicure accessories, nail care products, a line of cosmetics for acne skin... Recently I bought a kit with sponges for airbrush effect on nails... I have to try it! Gel eyeliner is very good, long lasting. I love lime up nail polish. I have the same book as you, but with more pages and products, if you want I can share it with you (it is written in Spanish) Good blog!

  17. Essence stands in Canada at Shoppers can easily be overlooked. They are not big stands and are usually found on the end isle tucked away like a jem. As well I heard alot of people say there are no testers. Testers for eyeshadows are found tucked under the shadow trays as well as some of the powders. This is such a great product and for the price, you can afford to buy that fun adventurous colour or experiment with no cost regret. I love Essence, and currently found the eye primer, shadows, lipstick and blushes awesome. I hope the stands and the inventory grows quickly, because when I'm in Shoppers I now go by the Smashbox, Vichy and Essence stand and end up Hauling out Essence!!! P.S. enjoyed your blog.

  18. I love Essence, their products are sooo affordable and good quality. I have: the roll-up eyebrow liner (don't really like it), the 2-in-1 eyebrow shadow set (LOVE this), the smokey eye brush, eyeshadow brush and blush brush- their brushes are amazing. I also have their eyeliner pen (the thin one and it works great- i just need to master the cat eye), as well as a few eyeshadow palattes (also very good).

    I want to try the I <3 rock eye liner pencil & mascara next, as well as a few nail polishes and their lipsticks.

  19. i cannot find the creme eyeshadows in london ont canada...please help!!! even if there somewhere i could get them online

  20. i cannot find the creme eyeshadows in london ont canada...please help!!! even if there somewhere i could get them online

    1. it could be because they have revamped the display several times since then, but have you tried Ulta online or maybe Ebay?