Monday, February 27, 2012

Finger Paints Flakie Swatches

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I picked up four of the five Finger Paints Special Effects Flakies. 
I swatched them pretty quickly after receiving them but totally forgot about the pictures until now!
So I'll show you the swatches today.
I swatched the four of these on a wheel so that you could see them next to each other.

Asylum, Flecked, Motley, Twisted

This is two coats of each flakie polish over black.

Finger Paints - Asylum - red/orange and blue flakies
Finger Paints - Flecked - green flakies
Finger Paints - Motley - green/turquoise/blue flakies
Finger Paints - Twisted - red, orange, blue, green and turquoise flakies
(The fifth polish which I did not get is called Flashy and that one is orange/green flakies, and is quite similar to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, which I have already.)

As with most flakies, these are all duochromatic, so when you look at them on different angles, the colors change. You can see that when you look back and forth between the above photos.

Now let's see close ups of each one!

Finger Paints - Asylum
This is a really unique combo, I haven't seen these colors in a flakie polish before. The blue and deep red-orange contrast nicely. If you look along the edge of the nail you can see how the colors flash to a lighter yellow-orange and a deeper blue.

Finger Paints - Flecked
Flecked is all a bright emerald green flakie that flashes to a bright turquoise. Love this one. Reminds me a little of the color you would see in some Nfu-Oh flakies.

Finger Paints - Motley
This one is my favorite of the group. The flakies are shades of turquoise which get darker on different angles.

Finger Paints - Twisted
This one is basically all the other colors in one, which is a really interesting effect!

I decided to show you three other flakies in my collection over black to see how they compare to the Finger Paints.

Unicorn Puke is another mixture of every flakie color imaginable, the Nfu-Oh is strong green (with a dark blue flash) and Hidden treasure is a deep red-orange that flashes green.
50 is similar to Flecked but the color change in the Nfu-Oh is stronger and darker.
Hidden Treasure is not like the others I have shown but as I mentioned above, the fifth Finger Paints one which I do not have (Flashy) is a less-dense version of this.

Check this out...

Finger Paints - Twisted and Cult Nails - Unicorn Puke are basically dupes over black!
UniPuke is obviously different where it has the purple tinted base but over black, it's pretty hard to tell these ones apart.

I wore Twisted over Essence - Just Rock It!

This was a really satisfying combo because the flakies really stood out on the deep blue.

Finger Paints really knocked this collection out of the park because they actually listened to what the customers want, and brought us some awesome flakies at a really good price!
(Now if only companies would listen to the cries for more holographic polishes...)


  1. bah!!!

    they all look gorgeous!! :)

  2. wow these look so beautiful , i love twisted

  3. I love the Finger Paints flakies! Flashy and Motley are my favorite. You should get Flashy!

  4. I love these flakies! I only have Flecked and Asylum, but I totally regret not getting Twisted.

  5. They are all look super cool :)

  6. ¡Me encantan estos esmaltes! Pero en España es imposible conseguirlos.

  7. love these! this is so helpful seeing them all together, i was getting them confused!

  8. I was lucky enough to grab the last Twisted about a month ago, and threw it on over China Glaze First Mate, which is another cobalt blue shade. Absolutely beautiful! I also wish someone would get on the affordable linear holo bandwagon. :)