Friday, February 15, 2013

delayed valentines day mani!

Hey guys! I totally meant to post this manicure yesterday for Valentines day but I forgot.
I've had a busy week with an exam and a midterm assignment plus working plus my usual time spent being sick plus a new found addiction to Candy Crush Saga... Anyway...
Better late than never?

I did a mani inspired by my Valentines Day Hello Kitty!

Isn't she sweet? Hehehe. And do you like how I got my HK pajamas in the shot?

It didn't turn out as perfectly as I had hoped, but when you don't inspect it too closely, it's still adorable!

I've seen lots of this leopard print with hearts going around lately, and it is so cute! I will definitely have to try it again soon and hopefully do a little better... Haha!

The base color for this mani was China Glaze - Dance Baby.
I did the red detailing with OPI - Comet Loves Cupid.
And I mixed the two together for the color inside the print.

Hope you guys like this mani even though it is a day late. Oh well!


  1. such a cute v-day mani! love that it matches your hello kitty!

  2. I've got that kitty! Adorable idea

  3. I'm playing Candy Crush saga right now- lol! I'm stuck on level 30. Love this mani so much!

  4. Sooooo cute. Also, Candy Crush is my addiction right now.

  5. These are soooo cute! I love HK! And, my friend just recently got me into Candy Crush Saga too, so I can totally relate! Haha :)

  6. im playing candy crush awsell, only started yesterday, im addiced and up to level 20!
    but those nails are perfect!

  7. I'm totally addicted to Candy Crush Saga too!