Thursday, February 28, 2013

february haul

February was filled with nail mail. Lots of it. Plus I went to Toronto... Let's see how I did!

Got some polishes from Blondie's Nail Lacquer:

Blondie's Nail Lacquer - Just Keep Swimming (mini)
Blondie's Nail Lacquer - Valentines Dream
Blondie's Nail Lacquer - Show Me Your Sparkle

Lovely polishes from piCture pOlish for my 9 weeks of reviews:
piCture pOlish - O'Hara
piCture pOlish - Festival
piCture pOlish - Wisteria
piCture pOlish - Sky
piCture pOlish - Mardi Gras
piCture pOlish - Tiffany
piCture pOlish - Gene Doll
piCture pOlish - Atomic
piCture pOlish - Bomb Shell

I received a package from my dear friend Anissa with so many goodies! Plus some stuff I had sent to her address. Gotta love my US ladies for hooking me up!

Candy Lacquer - Beach Party
Candy Lacquer - Pastel Confetti
Candy Lacquer - Candies & Sprinkles
Candy Lacquer - Argyle
Funky Fingers - Mermaid Lagoon
Funky Fingers - Confetti
Essie - Stroke of Brilliance

Pure Ice - Cha-Ching
Pure Ice - Getting Gorgeous
OPI - I Lily Love You
Color Club - Hocus Pocus
Sonoma Nail Art - Halloween In The Vines
Hare - Rad Cloud
Rockstar Nails - Punk Rock Barbie

Some friends and I did a Valentines secret swap and these were my polishes from the lovely Dema:

Urban Outfitters - Mystic

Sation - Glints and Glam
Color Club - Winter Affair (burgundy version)
Color Club - Gift of Sparke (purple glitter version)

The amazing Jini aka MakeUpMom123 sent me a box of Valentines goodies! Plus some stuff I had sent to her address:  

Zoya - Ziv
Zoya - Storm
Zoya - Charisma
Soo Nails - #s206 Fire Works A
Soo Nails - #s207 Fire Works B
Soo Nails - #s210 Fire Works E

Soo Nails - #s211 Fire Works F
Hit Polish - Lotsa Dotsa (mini)
Hit Polish - Punked Up Kicks (mini)
Hit Polish - You're Such A Square (mini)
Sonoma Nail Art - I Am A Pretty Pretty Prince(ess)
Colores de Carol - BPFF (Best Polish Friend Forever)
Urban Outfitters - Scorcher
Color Club - Angel Kiss (not pictured)
Color Club - Blue Heaven (not pictured)
365 Days of Color - Crush On You (not pictured)

I caved in and bought the second set of Color Club Halo Hues:

Color Club - Eternal Beauty
Color Club - Over The Moon
Color Club - Miss Bliss
Color Club - Beyond
Color Club - Cosmic Fate
Color Club - Kismet

The night before I left for Toronto, I checked out Winners and found two polishes I had always wanted! Of course, one of them I had just gotten in the mail a few days before. Isn't that always the way? I bought the second bottle anyway...
OPI - I Lily Love You
OPI - The One That Got Away

Now! Ready to see my haul from Toronto? It is tiny!! I was sooooo good.

Illamasqua - Speckle (This was $18 at Sephora!! Jeez.)
Color Club - Shock In The Dark (This + the topcoat was $5 at Marshall's!)
Topshop - Bowl Me Over ($9 for this little bottle... But it is pretty.)

I came home to more AMAZING nail mail! Holy crap! My friend Marília from Brazil sent me all these goodies in a secret swap. I'm blown away!

Lorena - Pagode
Lorena - Lambada
Lorena - Merengue
Lorena - Funk
Lorena - Rumba
Lorena - Techno
Lorena - Blues
Lorena - Salsa
Lorena - Hip-Hop
Lorena - Samba
Rivka - Dani
Impala - Azul Cristalino
Impala - Brilho da Sereia
DNA Italy - Glitterissima Fashion

Hits - Pega-pega
Hits - Purple Rain
Hits - Midnight
Hits - Sweet Mint
Hits - Moonbow
Hits - Borealis
Hits - Air Glow
Hits - Afterglow
Hits - Cairo
Hits - Pink Pop

Hits - Atena
Pérola Paris - Champs Élysées

And then today, on the last day of the month, I received two polishes from Indie Polish:

Indie Polish - Wonder Lust (mini)
Indie Polish - Poison Ivy (mini)

As Penny from The Big Bang Theory would say, holy crap on a cracker.
That's 85 new polishes. But I think I bought like 26 of them. So that's not too bad... Right?


  1. This haul is of epic portions! Lol...Nice!

  2. i bought three nail polishes this month. THREE. great haul!

  3. That is an AWESOME haul! I'm especially jealous of the Brazil package!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing our indie polishes.... we hope you love them....Send us some swatch pics if you ever make it thru your haul....that is AMAZING!!!!!! I don't know how you do it!

  5. I'm so crazy jealous!!! Where dud you managed to find a topshop polish in TO? I live here and have wanted a bottle forever (mostly because of those Polka dots, cough cough :P )
    Anyways, great haul! I'm definitely jealous!

    1. At Topshop in The Bay in Yorkdale!

    2. Thanks so much :D I will probably clean them right out ;) I had a swap going for some of these babies but it fell through because of all the stuff going on with Royal Mail.
      Did the have a decent selection? Thanks again :D

    3. I think they only had about 10 colors. I bet they change seasonally. There were three nice glitters but like I said, they were $9 so I only picked up one!!