Thursday, January 31, 2013

january haul

January's haul isn't too bad... I didn't buy a whole lot myself...

Early in January I received a Christmas Secret Santa package from the lovely Kim in Singapore!

Etude House - BL505
Etude House - GR605
Etude House - PK009
Etude House - 10

Etude House - PGR701
The Face Shop - WH003
The Face Shop - GR506

Sasatinnie - SGL507
Zoya - Pheobe
Zoya - Lolly
Zoya - Mitzi

Got a lovely Christmas gift from Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails:
Sonoma Nail Art - Chalkboard Nails
Lush Lacquer - Slumber Party

I got some polishes from Pirate Polish:

Pirate Polish - Love In A Cold Climate (mini)

Pirate Polish - Lovandula (mini)
Pirate Polish - Be Mine (mini)
Pirate Polish - Cinnamon Girl (mini)

I picked up all four of the Liquid Sand polishes from OPI:
OPI - Get Your Number
OPI - Stay The Night
OPI - The Impossible
OPI - Can't Let Go

I reviewed a few polishes for Elixir Lacquers:
Elixir Lacquers - Elixiversary
Elixir Lacquers - Betty Brutality
Elixir Lacquers - Kandy Krusher

I found some Layla's on clearance at a local drugstore:
Layla - Flash Black
Layla - Metal Chrome
Layla - 10 (Softtouch)

Found a Color Club mini set at Winners for $7.99:

Color Club - Muse-ical
Color Club - In The Limelight
Color Club - By Design
Color Club - Style Icon

Got some free China Glaze at Sally's, with purchase of Seche Vite:
China Glaze - Escaping Reality
China Glaze - Pool Party
China Glaze - Secret Peri-wink-le

Bought a couple things from a blog sale:
OPI - The Violet-er The Better
Essie - Play Date
Maybelline - Cool Couture
China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle

Revlon - Girly
Nicole by OPI - She's Lily Something

Orly - Be Brave

I purchased 18. 4 of those were minis. And 4 were on clearance. And 4 were a blogsale. It's alright.

What's to come for February's haul?
It's gonna be good, at first - because I am on a strict no-buy for the next 3 weeks!
But then it'll be bad... 'cause I'm headed to Toronto.
Stay tuned next month...


  1. Very pretty stuff. These Etude House polishes look particularly interesting to me.

  2. Great haul! Love all the pretties :) I haven't bought polish in ages, so I live vicariously through your posts lol ;)

  3. so jealous you got Zoya Phoebe!!! I won 3 Zoyas in a giveaway from Love For Lacquer, and had chosen Pru, Piper, and Phoebe but Phoebe was sold out :(

  4. When you're in Toronto, you need to hit Wow Wow Nails Wet of Dundas on Ossington!

  5. omggg your secret santa package is so rad!!! i completely adore etude house and the face shop polishes, especially the glitters! wish they were available over here, although i'd be broke if i found em haha

  6. You found Layla's Flash Black on clearance??? I just fell out of my chair! So jealous... LOL

    What a bunch of great polishes for January. :)



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