Friday, January 11, 2013

Different Dimension - Warm Fuzzies, Walk of Shame, & Work Hard, Play Harder

Hey everyone!
We got soooooo much snow today. Holy crap.
My power has been out all day and finally just came on so I'm going to use this time to put up some swatches! (And finally I will get warm!!!)

I recently got a bunch of polishes from the wonderful Missi @ Different Dimension, and I'll be showing them off in the upcoming days.
I'm starting with three great shimmers! Most indie polishes are always glitter, so it is nice to see some other kinds. Especially when the formula is as wonderful as these!

Different Dimension - Warm Fuzzies
Brown lovers rejoice, a gorgeous brown scattered holo! I am not a brown-wearer usually but I could totally be down with this, it is so pretty.
Formula is perfect, 2 easy coats. Dries quickly.
Currently in stock here at post time!

Different Dimension - Walk of Shame
A burgundy shimmer with coppery flecks. Again, perfect formula, 2 coats, fast drying.
A very rich color, and my mom especially loved it while I was swatching it.
Currently in stock here at post time!

Different Dimension - Work Hard, Play Harder
OMG, love. An olive green, totally packed with golden flecks and even blue shimmer I think! Totally loving this, it is so original and unique. A very fun color, especially for green lovers like myself.
It covers perfectly in two coats and again, dries quickly.
Currently in stock here at post time!

You know I am not the type to support indie polish unless I truly believe in it. And believe me, I believe in Different Dimension!!
The formulas are great, the colors are great, no complaints. Hooray!

Now keep your eyes peeled for more fun shades in the coming days. So long as my power stays on. Haha!

Product provided for honest review.


  1. warm fuzzies and work hard, play harder are SO pretty. omg i want them. i love when indies put out pretty, unique polishes that aren't just glitterbombs!

  2. You're so lucky that you live somewhere that snows! I'm stuck in just cold and windy weather :/ I love all three of these nail polishes! They look so pretty on your nails =)

  3. I loved the different dimensions polishes more than I expected! I actually ordered some more :) I lovelovelove work hard play harder, it's just so pretty!

  4. First and last one, very special! Love 'm!

  5. I love Warm Fuzzies! They're all great, though! Thanks for featuring them!

  6. Good luck with the power situation! Missi has long been one of my favorite indie polish-makers, and I adore Warm Fuzzies.

  7. Lovely colours! It's so noce to see indie polishes that arent the typical mixed glitter here and there

  8. I love Walk of Shame. It is gorgeous on you!