Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pure Ice - Touch Me Softly

At first I didn't like matte polishes. Now I can't get enough!
Here's a lovely matte from Pure Ice's recent collection of mattes. I forget what they called it... Velvet? Velour? Something...

Anyway. A lovely friend picked up six of the polishes for me and this one is my favorite, I think!

Pure Ice - Touch Me Softly
As you can see, it's really a suede matte, meaning it's packed with shimmer! Gorgeous.
The formula was wonderful, you just need 2 coats, and it dries almost instantly.
Perfect for when you're in a hurry!

You may remember I wore this under my swatch of Elixiversary from a few days ago.
That'll give you an idea of how it looks when you add topcoat. (Also beautiful.)

I wore this for almost 2 days before it began to chip. That's great for matte polish! I find OPI lasts on me like that, but other mattes like ManGlaze I can't keep on for 2 hours, let alone 2 days.
So I was impressed with the staying power of Pure Ice!
Despite only costing what, 2 bucks, it's great quality.

Ladies in the US, if these are still kicking around at your Walmart, definitely pick them up! You won't be disappointed.
I'm sure I'll be wearing the other colors soon and will have those to show off to you!

I'm off to watch Batman with my dad. Until tomorrow, lovelies!


  1. this is gorgeous! i love it and want it!! lol

  2. I didn't like matte stuff, but I came across my matte topcoat the other day and I've been mattifying everything since lol. This is very pretty :)

  3. love this! I guess pure ice isn't available anywhere in Canada then? :'(

  4. i used to dislike matte too but i really like it now. what a gorgeous color

  5. i love the pure ice velvet polishes! i got three of them and regret not getting more. i have this one though and it's sooo pretty!

  6. Touch Me Softly is from the Holiday 2012 LE Runway Nail Trends, specifically the Velour Finish set (yeah, I was a little obsessed). I managed to snag all of the Velour shades except for Grunge (purple) and I passed on the gold b/c it looked awful on my skintone. Pure Ice has a pretty good product based on my experience (I only wear polish for a day or two before changing though), and for $2 you can own them all!

  7. Super pretty! I don't live near a store that sells Pure Ice so I always miss out on the good ones.

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