Sunday, January 13, 2013

Different Dimension - Hanna & I've Been An Awful Good Girl

Helloooooo lacquer lovers. More Different Dimension swatches for you on this lazy Sunday! Two of my personal favorites from Missi's shop.

Different Dimension - Hanna
This glitter polish is from the collection inspired by Pretty Little Liars.
The base is slightly purple, with several colors of small glitter. It covers well in three coats and the formula was not difficult to use. It spread nicely despite being so glittery!

I'm wearing this polish right now and I totally love it! It's glittery and fun while still being kinda subtle.
I should also mention that I have had it on for 24 hours with no chips! That's rare for me with full-coverage glitter. Hooray!
This polish is currently in stock here.

Different Dimension - I've Been An Awful Good Girl
OMG, how cute is this. This polish is from the Santa Baby collection that Missi released for the holidays. 
Despite this being a holiday polish, there are still some bottles in stock, so grab them while you can here!

Ahhhhh it's just so cute. I love all the different pink and purple glitters in the milky base. So perfect!
I used three coats for this swatch and the formula was totally perfect. No complaints. Love it!

These two polishes are just so stinkin' cute and I am so glad to have them.
...Wanna know a secret...?
I might have extra bottles of these for a lucky reader... So keep your eyes peeled ;)


  1. Love these!! Especially Hanna, it's so pretty!

  2. these are so pretty! great swatches!

  3. I love the macro shot of I've Been an Awful Good Girl...awesome!

  4. Beautiful polishes! Both of them are on my wishlist for the shop.

  5. Great swatches, both polishes are really pretty and look SO good on you Rebecca :)

  6. Well, I already love different dimensions, but Hannah is still amazing!

  7. Both are absolutely gorgeous but I know in my heart that "I've been an awful good girl" would give me severe corpse hands. Bummer. :(

  8. Oh wow! I've Been An Awful Good Girl is gorgeous!


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