Friday, January 4, 2013

glitter bomb for NYE

I am the laziest blogger of life. I'm sorry. I've been spending my last few days of Christmas holidays watching movies, crocheting a blanket, and taking awesome naps.
Spending very little time online. Thus very little time on my blog. I'm sorry!

Perhaps a New Year's Resolution of mine should be to get back on the blogging-horse every day!
Especially considering I just reached 4,000 followers! WOOHOO! Thanks everyone!
I was going to set up a giveaway for this milestone but as it turns out, my blogaversary is just 2 weeks away... So we'll save it just a little longer. ;)

Today's manicure is a great one! Let's get right to the photos.

This was my New Year's Eve crazy sparkly manicure! Gotta have a glitterbomb for NYE.
Can you even handle all those glitters?!

I think the first picture is the best one, the rest don't show just how colorful and sparkly the manicure truly was. I'm sure you can imagine the amount of photos I took to try to capture all the sparkle...

This manicure started with a base of Color Club - Where's The Soiree?, my go-to black polish.

And then came the glitter. I layered all five polishes from the Models Own Mirrorball Collection.
Here are links to my swatches of all the individual colors if you missed the posts last week:
Boogie Nights
Hot Stuff
Disco Inferno
Freak Out!
Dancing Queen

I applied Freak Out! last because I wanted those colors to be on top.
Each one of the glitters dries fast enough that you're not going to kill yourself waiting to apply all 5.

This was ultra bumpy, as I'm sure you can believe. All those flakies are not going to lay flat.
I knew it was going to drive me crazy if it wasn't smooth, so I actually did the manicure shortly before bed, let it fully set while I got my beauty sleep, and in the morning I used a buffing block to (very gently) buff off the pieces sticking out. And then I added more topcoat. Perfectly smooth!

So. Much. Glitter.
Definitely worth the extra effort to layer all five of these together. So intense!

My nails rang in the New Year in glittery goodness. Did yours?


  1. Unbelievable....I`m breathless....

  2. Oh wow, this is pretty! And very NYE appropriate :-)

  3. You're one of the most frequent bloggers I know, don't worry! :D

    And your nails look amazing - though I don't envy the removal ;)

  4. This is AH-MAY-ZING. I am lurving it...totally gotta try this sometime!

  5. UNGH Rebecca that's is just so B-E-A-UTIFUL!
    Your totally rocked New Year's!

  6. This is gorgeous! Removing it is going to be hell though!
    Love your manicures, you always have the most beautiful and unusual polishes! =D

  7. I love this! So pretty! and Happy Blogaversary!!! The new argyle looks so bright and happy too. Great way to start out the new year!!

  8. Love it! Its the best possible kind of glitter overload.

  9. Rock star nails to ring in 2013 for sure!!

  10. Okay, this mani is all kinds of awesome ! I love it !

  11. Gorgeous! I almort always wear glitter on my nails, so of course NYE wasn't an exeption.

  12. Haha, I love the "awesome naps" :D :D
    And that's one helluva glitter bomb!!

  13. Wow. Just amazing!

    I had a black polish, New York Color 'Super Nova', Essence 'Night in Vegas' and Essence 'Circus Confetti' and on top with a silver striper 2013, with the 2 on my pinky finger, the 0 on my ringfinger, the 1 on my middlefinger and the 3 on my indexfinger of the left hand.

  14. Gorgeous, it's perfect for NY : ) I tried this out over grey when I got mine and I loved it then too, but I think I may prefer it over Black ! :)

  15. Loooooveee it! They look so darn gorgeous together! And congratulations for reaching 4000 followers!! :D Its still the first week of Jan, so... Happy New Year! ;)

  16. Happy new years! and congratulations on 4000 subscribers!

  17. This is so pretty! Did you find it hard to remove all that glitter? Even when I soak my nails in acetone I still can't get it all off. How do you do it?

  18. Cool mani! And would love to see the blanket when it's finished :)


  19. Wow...that is great...I have been avoiding using sparkly nail polish tho I do love it cos of it being a biatch to remove.... Gonna do this next time

    shellac manicure |


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