Sunday, January 27, 2013

it's a Parfait Day for leopard print!

Happy Sunday! Hope you guys are having a better day than me - I'm feeling pretty under the weather. Bleh. And tomorrow is Monday. Double bleh.
Let's cheer ourselves up with some happy pink nails!

These cutesy leopard print nails started out with 2 coats of the lovely Lime Crime - Parfait Day.

All of these Lime Crime pastels are just so fantastic. They are so vibrant and the formula is perfect!
I showed three of the others before in this post.

I added some leopard print with a dotting tool and China Glaze - Gothic Lolita.
For some added shimmer, I slapped on a coat of CND Effects - Sapphire Sparkle.
I love the blue sheen it adds to the nail!

Manis like this never cease to please me! I think I would wear animal print every day if I had the time.

I bet this would look good with some of the other Lime Crimes... Now I'm dreaming of some minty leopard print! Add that to the to-do list...


  1. omg that lime crime polish is gorgeous! ive been looking for a polish in that color!

  2. i love how girly this is! so pretty :)

  3. Aw, sorry to hear you're not feeling your best today. I hope you get better soon~
    I loved this mani, it's really cute. AND you featured one of the Lime Crime shades, which I'm eagerly awaiting on the mail now :D

  4. Every time I see Lime Crime on someones expression is :O SO PRETTY! Animal Print never gets old.

  5. The shimmer is so pretty with this...feel better!!

  6. This is awesome! I would also love to see some minty leopard print :)

  7. Sapphire Sparkle looks so pretty!

  8. Cute colours.
    Love the shimmery effect :)


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