Tuesday, January 1, 2013

december haul

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!
You're gonna be soooooo proud of this month's haul post. I did so well. Soooooo well.

Random things:
OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu
Lime Crime - Milky Ways
Lime Crime - Parfait Day 

Sephora by OPI - I'm So Sari! ($5.99 at Winners!)
Finger Paints - Sparkle Topcoat ($3 clearance!)

Got some Essie for $2.99 each!
Essie - Bangle Jangle
Essie - School of Hard Rocks
Essie - Bobbing for Baubles

Picked up a few things from Erica @ Polish Fixation's blog sale:

Dollish Polish - Random Dancing (mini)
CND Effects - Raspberry Sparkle
CND Effects - Sapphire Sparkle
CND Effects - Crimson Sparkle
CND Effects - Jade Sparkle
Milani - Key West 

I got the most amazing Christmas package from Jini @ MakeUpMom123!!

Funky Fingers - Riot!
Lynnderella - I Don't Mean Rhinestones
Brucci - Gianna's Rockin Blue
Deborah Lippmann - Candy Shop
Deborah Lippmann - Forget You
China Glaze - Holly-Day
City Color - Purple

Santa actually brought me one nail polish!!
Anna Sui - 003

Lastly, I got some polishes from Different Dimension! Swatches coming sooooon! (And perhaps... Maybe... A giveaway!!!!)
Different Dimension - Sparkles Like Edward
Different Dimension - Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty
Different Dimension - Inner Goddess (mini)
Different Dimension - Curiosity (mini)
Different Dimension - I've Been An Awful Good Girl (mini)
Different Dimension - Hanna (mini)
Different Dimension - Walk of Shame (mini)
Different Dimension - Work Hard, Play Harder (mini)
Different Dimension - Warm Fuzzies (mini)

I only purchased 14 polishes myself in December. I WIN.

Do you guys have any polish-related resolutions for the new year?
I think I am going to try to buy less polishes than there are days in the year... Do you think I can do it?! We'll see!


  1. Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop for Christmas - I am sooooo jealous :))

  2. So many pretty colors! Happy new year

  3. awesome picks! Happy New Year Rebecca! :)
    I have a couple nail polish resolutions, like using up a bottle of nail polish (not mini) and getting more into nail art :)

  4. I've been buying so much nail polish lately (almost to 150) that I'm making myself a budget for each month. It's going to be hard to stick to it, but I'm determined to. If I don't get the spending under control I might just go broke. lol

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  6. Nice haul! Are you planning on making swatches of the CND effects polishes?

    I got three amazing holo's for christmas, I can't stop staring at them!

    Will you post a picture from your NYE mani, please?

    BTW, I love that you're adding pictures from your haul!

  7. Great haul! - Gosh I have never seen Essie on sale anywhere - so much for live in the major sticks! I have to find 'em on evil bay to get them under $8! I love ever one of my CND effects - they are great but I have been into layering since the 80's and no one was going there yet!

  8. Awesome deal on the Essies! And Lime Crime Milky Ways might be one of my most favourite polishes ever. So perfect.

    And I totally did make a resolution not to by so much polish this year. I didn't set any specifics, but... well, I've already massively broken that resolution by any standard. :P Haha.