Monday, December 31, 2012

Models Own Mirrorball Collection - Freak Out!

Hi everyone!
Happy New Year's Eve! (Or Happy New Year to those of you on the other side of the world who are already in 2013!)

Today's post is the last polish from the Models Own Mirrorball Collection and I think I definitely saved the best for last.
(I know I said earlier that the purple was probably my favorite but I changed my mind.)

Models Own - Freak Out! (shown over Hits Hello Kitty - Blueberry)
An amazing glitterbomb with all kinds of blue glitter and blue holo shard glitter and tiny bar glitter and pink glitter and... Ah! I love it.

This combination of glitter is just really cute. The colors are so fun. I like the short bar glitter, it doesn't look hairy like some bar glitter does! It's just right.
This is two coats of glitter with some additional fishing to fill empty spaces.

As I have said in every post, you're gonna need lots of topcoat to cover the roughness of these glitters.

Sooooo much fun. I can't wait to wear this one again! I bet it would be awesome over practically anything.

Overall I'm really stoked on this collection and I'm glad I decided to splurge on it.

Yesterday I said I might wear all five of them as my NYE mani... And I went for it!
If I can get some decent pictures, I'll post it tomorrow... Holy blingy!!


  1. Yup, I'm with you...this one is the best!!

  2. another winning combo <3 you're just making me want those glitters soo much :P


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