Monday, December 17, 2012

connect the polka dots

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

My right hand wants some more attention so today's post is showing off a cute manicure I wore on my right hand only. Can't remember what my left hand was doing at the time... Probably something I felt was too complicated to duplicate on my right hand. Ha!

Tada! Looks a bit crazy but I really like it.

The base color is one of my favorite pinks, China Glaze - Dance Baby.
I added dots in three colors, China Glaze - Gothic Lolita, China Glaze - Bahamian Escape, and Essence - Viva La Green.
On top, as I'm sure you can see, I added Lynnderella - Connect the Dots.

I love pastels and adding the black and white glitter on top is really eye-catching.
I should do this again as a full manicure... Haha!

Before I go... I want to tell you something extraordinary.
It is more than halfway through December... And I have only bought 4 polishes!!!!!!


  1. It looks really really good,I love it:)

  2. Love this nail art! So simple yet gorgeous!

  3. i really want to try a look like this!

  4. this is so cute! i love how you paired it CtD w/purple and blue dots (:

  5. I first thought the teal dots were glitters! This is gorgeous! really love it and this makes me want to try something like that with CTD!

    1. sorry the "teal" are not really teal but rather blue and green...anyhow, that's gorgeous!

  6. This is so fun! I love all the colors in the polka dots!

  7. this looks so pretty! like Easter eggs on crack hahaha (in a good way!)


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