Thursday, December 27, 2012

Models Own Mirrorball Collection - Boogie Nights

Hey everyone! Happy holidays! Hope you're all having a great holiday season.

I've decided to close out 2012 with the Models Own Mirrorball Collection.

I was going to post them all at once but that would just be too many pictures, so I'm doing one at a time! I meant to have this post up way earlier today but I forgot to hit publish... Haha.

Models Own - Boogie Nights (shown over Hits Hello Kitty - Plum)
A mostly-purple glitterbomb! Purple shreds and glitter and red glitter and blue glitter and who knows what else!

If I had to pick a favorite from the collection, this might be it. But it's hard to say because they are all so awesome!

This is two coats of glitter, and you do have to do some fishing to get enough glitter on every nail.
You definitely want to wear a topcoat or two with these because the shards do stick out.

Overall with this collection I had some problems with glitters sticking out and demanding I pick them off... So yeah. Definitely topcoat. And if you're like me... You may need to get out the cuticle nippers and actually nip off the pokey-outey glitters so that you won't pick them off and ruin your manicure...

Check back for posts on the other four fantastic glitters in the coming days!


  1. I'm a total picker, I would have to snip the standing up ones, too. But, other than that, the glitters look beautiful!

  2. Ooh, that iridescent-holo-goodness on the super-close-up shot is SCHMEXEH :D

  3. Oooohh, I can't wait to see all of them. I can't get them all but I want at least one of them and can't decide which one- now I can drool over swatches and make a choice.

  4. I totally love them in the bottle and on other people's nails, but I don't like them on me :S

  5. Cute!!!!


  6. Loooove this! I can't wait to see you show off the rest!

  7. I had never thought about snipping the glitters off. I usually pick them too! xD

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