Monday, December 24, 2012

a festive sandwich

I know it isn't quite Christmas yet, but Merry Christmas to all my dear readers who celebrate! And happy holidays for those who don't!
I love Christmas and I can't wait to see what Santa brings me tomorrow. I wonder if he bought me any polish... (I doubt it though because Santa has a problem with my nail polish collection...)

Of course I had to bust out some holiday polishes for my Christmas manicure!
Eileen from The Sneakerette put China Glaze - Party Hearty in a jelly sandwich last year and I've been wanting to recreate it ever since! So now was the time.

I started with OPI - Alpine Snow Matte, so my white base would dry fast before adding the glitter.
I did two coats of China Glaze - Party Hearty, and then two coats of jelly on top!
The jelly is OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu.
I decided to do a red accent nail with another holiday polish,  OPI - Comet Loves Cupid.

Here's how it looked before adding the jelly. I almost left it like this but I had to go all the way!

I just love milky glitter. Hooray for festive nails!

Merry Christmas everyone! Perhaps I'll post some pictures tomorrow of all my goodies... Hehe!


  1. This is really pretty!! Merry Christmas!

  2. gorgeous! red always looks great on you!

  3. So pretty- I'm not a red polish girl but that red is gorgeous!

  4. Party Harty is the quintesential holiday glitter in my book - probably other than a silver or gold, this was my first committment to a true holiday glitter and none have stepped on it's toes since them though there are tons of red/green gliters since. I never ever gave it a thought to make a glitter san out of this one...'hits her palm to her forehead'...gads I so could have done this with the whites like you used or made it lighter with the white from the OPI NYC Ballet collection - think the white in that group is called Don't Touch my Tutu - I reach for that - the gray, the peach and the one with the cast of blue to it the most from that group...heck - I just love all of them in that group - probably the only Soft Touch OPI collection I went nuts for since waaaay back in late 90's when we all were wearing tons of French manis and their Soft Touch collection was called their Bridal collection...I still have a # of em from the bridals...Alter Ego comes to mind - there were some pretty sheers that had a twist of iridescence in them and you don't run into sheers like that today.

  5. I can't believe Santa has a problem with your polish collection. :-( Maybe he will put aside his feelings and get you some anyways. :-) This looks great.

  6. Ah, so pretty! That's more of the look I was going for here:

    but I think I should have started with the opaque white base, like you did. Mine was a bit more milky than I had anticipated. I like yours better! Hope you had a lovely Christmas x


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