Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Love Nail Polish - Matthew Peri

Good morning everyone!

Have you heard of the indie brand I Love Nail Polish? You're about to!

First of all - can you believe this is indie polish? I sure can't.

I Love Nail Polish (or INP or I Nail Polish or ILNP) started out as a Facebook page for polish lovers and has branched into polish-making!

The polishes come in these adorable boxes. It reminds me of high-end polish brands.

The packaging impressed me so much, I kept taking pictures. Haha!

I adore how the bottles have the printed logo, and another major plus is that the bottle handles are slightly rubberized for good grip! Again, reminds me of high-end polish.
It really makes you feel like you're buying something high-quality and not something just thrown together.

Super impressed so far.
But what about the polish itself?

I Love Nail Polish - Matthew Peri
The polish itself is fantastic, too. Hooray!
Matthew Peri is a clear base with "periwinkle, gunmetal, navy blue, and prism glitters in various sizes and shapes."
I layered it over OPI Russian Navy Suede and they made a lovely pair.

Mmmmm, glitter.

I just love everything about this polish. The box, the bottle, the label, the cap, the polish itself...

This polish retails for $10 and you can buy it right here in the Etsy shop.
Ships worldwide, too! Hooray!

I have three more beauties to show off to you soon so keep your eyes peeled for those.
In the meantime, here are some bottle pics to tease you...

Until next time!
Product provided for honest review.


  1. I♥NP is making quite the splash! Can't wait to try some eventually. =)

  2. wow i cant believe that those are indies!

  3. I just purchased 3 of the ILNP polishes and while I enjoy them, they are very strong smelling! I was a bit turned off by that, especially because they are listed as 3Free. Otherwise, I love them!

    1. The polishes definitely do have a strong odor that's for sure.

      The base formula I use is guaranteed 3Free, otherwise I would never print that on the label. I even had an independent laboratory test the suspension base before making a purchase. If you'd like to see the lab results and INCI of the suspension base, just let me know! I'd never want anyone to think I was making a claim that wasn't true.

      I'm working on a new website and will be putting the INCI (ingredients) of the polishes up there for everyone to review very soon. The next batch of boxes will also have the ingredients on the side :)

      I'm not a chemist, but I believe the suspension base I use has an acrylic polymer in there that gives that strong, almost industrial-like odor.

      I've tried several other bases with various suspending agents and formulas but they didn't hold glitter that well or were just too cloudy. I had to go with what I felt looked and performed the best :)

  4. lovely!
    and i like your new christmas layout :)

  5. I am waiting for mine to arrive.. They are gorgeous ~!!

  6. Gorgeous glitters and wow, those look like awesome polishes and don't look like 'indies' at all, the packaging is so professional!

  7. I've been wanting to try this brand out! Matthew Peri is a great color :)

  8. Thanks for the review Rebecca! I looOooOove your swatches :)

  9. These are so nice and sparkly :)

  10. Omg *drools* soon gorgeous, it's like too good to be true! I love the packaging and the colour combinations! It looks so professional! I'm glad to see that this indie brand put in so much effort. It's so much nicer than others I've seen on nail blogs, that are just , meh packaging and cost so much.

  11. I haven't heard about them and I'm sure that there aren't here in Greece.... But they' re lovely!

  12. Wow, $10 is a BARGAIN for these babies! You can tell there is so much thought put into making these, from the bottles to the packaging to the polish itself! I am a big fan! I don't have any of these polishes yet, but I hope to change that soon!

  13. I've been dying to try them myself! Look awesome!!

  14. When I first saw Matthew Peri, I was like, "Holy hell, that's gorgeous!" I actually almost spat my water out it's that stunning.