Monday, December 3, 2012

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection

Confession. I am a fan of the Twilight movies. Nerd alert.

I was planning to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 with a friend and I said "Hey, why not wear my new Breaking Dawn polishes to the movie just to make this extra nerdy!"

I did my nails the day before I was supposed to go to the movie.
I couldn't pick which one I wanted to wear so I decided to wear all four. Hooray for skittle manis!

But then something annoying happened. They all started chipping and wearing away after just 4 hours of wear!
I can't believe how crappy the weartime was on these. Essence polishes are usually so great and I always get great wear from them, but whatever they did with these ones is not good.

All of my nails were crap after just a few hours and I ended up changing the manicure before I went to the movie. Bummer.

It's too bad they sucked for me. The colors are nice. I want to like them. But I can't.

I was going to do full swatches of these but they made me too mad so here are some one-finger swatches.

Essence - Alice Had A Vision - Again
This one is my favorite color of the bunch, I love the deep shade with all the purple glittery flakes.
Two coats and it covers well!

Essence - Jacob's Protection
This is the blue version of the first polish. Again, covers in two coats which is great for such a dark polish.

Essence - Edward's Love
This one is really pretty, black with silvery flake glitter. Hard to capture. Again, 2 coats.

Essence - A Piece of Forever
This is a warm yellow gold that is sadly a bit streaky. This shade of gold is not my favorite, not something I'd usually reach for.
This one did seem to last the best of the four so if you like it, it might be decent!

I don't usually have any issues with polishes not lasting so this sucks.
I'll try one again sometime to see if my results are any different.


  1. the Gold is great for stamping!!

  2. i've heard such bad reviews of these, so i'm glad i ended up not buying them - cant believe they're crap, the other ones are awesome.

  3. I got 3 of these and have only used the gold, it's great for nail art because it's so opaque! I have heard it's a good stamping polish too. It's so sad about the others though! They are so pretty!

  4. thats too bad about the chipping! i hate when you want to love a polish but just can't :( oh well, sell them to a little girl on the street :-P

  5. Sucks that they weren't so great...I had really been wanting all of these except the gold >,<

  6. Other Essence polishes I have also chipped quite easily, so now I always use a top coat. Without the top coat, they also look quite dull and not like in the bottles.

    I personally am not impressed with Twilight LE polishes this time. The dark polishes need 3 thin or 2 thick coats to look opaque. I also found the ones with flakes difficult to apply, the flakes tend to clump, but maybe shaking the bottle the next time will solve this problem. The black one looks very similar like the one in Vampire's Love LE collection, and that one was subtler. The purple is not to my taste too. I liked the Jacob's Protection polish, although from blog reviews I thought it to be more blue, like in the bottle, but it's sheer black with blue sparkles. Also, I didn't like Piece of Forever polish from online photos I've seen, but it looks quite alright on my nails, although nothing special. Essence Eclipse collection had one similar polish, only that one was silver, and this one is apricot gold.

  7. That really bums me out. I have been wanting Jacob's Protection ( no pun intended!). I might get it anyway since they are so inexpensive.

  8. The dark one look sooo pretty! I really don't know why I haven't bought any of these :/

  9. Dear Rebecca, try to top these polishes with "Sally Hansen No Cheap" Top Coat (red bottle). I used it over these polishes and could wear them nearly 4 days without tipwear!

  10. I just got Edward's Love. It sucks about the wear, but I HAD to have that one.. partly because I am an obsessed Twi-heart. Hahah

  11. Liking Twilight isn't nerdy!
    We true nerds take offense to that statement!

    I do like those first two! Shame about the wear time =/

  12. Bummer about the chipping! I just wore my first Essence polish last week (Chic Reloaded) and it lasted about two days, but then had major chippage. It wasn't that bad since I change my polish every day or two...but it seems like these should last more than 4 hours!!

  13. Thank you for letting us know about the wear issues. These weren't my type of colors anyway, I'm not a girl for vampies (or vampires movies lol) but it looked interesting :)

  14. I actually got a decent wear time from them - usually essence chips on me within seconds (it feel) but some of the LEs don't! Anyhow, I think the golden one looks misplaced in this collection. I did like it, because I like gold, but it's like, the odd one out.

  15. I've seen so many bad reviews on Essence polishes lately...apparently they changed their formula when they changed to the new bottles, and since then, people ara always complaining about how fast they chip. :S

  16. love the colours (Alice had a Vision and Edward's Protection) but it's a pitty that they didn't last on your nails :(

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