Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hits - Suspiro

Hey guys! Quick little nail-of-the-day to show off today.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up some polishes from Ninja Polish including this super cute glitter from Hits:

Hits - Suspiro
This is from the Mari Moon Multi Girl Glitter Shock collection from Hits.
A purpley-bluey/periwinkle base filled with pink, purple and blue glitter. Just how I like it!

The polish was more sheer than I was expecting - here you see 2 coats layered over a silver polish. (Don't ask why I layered it over silver... I happened to be wearing silver and wondered if it would be a suitable base for this. Turns out, it was!)

Google tells me that suspiro means sigh.
*Sigh*, I love this polish.

I wanna layer this over a light purple next to bring out the purple tones more! It's just so cute. I really can't get enough milky glitters!

You can get this polish right here on Ninja Polish for $6.

I have another polish from this collection that I have yet to wear and now I wanna bust it out! Perhaps for my next manicure...


  1. Looks lovely over the silver! Makes me think of birthday parties! :)

  2. I love milky glitters! I can't wait to see the other one.

  3. Sigh! :) looks so cute!

  4. That is a great polish! It goes well with your argyle background! :)

  5. Love the glitter in that polish, it's so cute :)

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  7. glaze Brazilian *-*

  8. Suspiro is the name of this candy in Brazil:


  9. I love the "milky" glitters as well. I've kind of ignored Hits polishes after buying the holos, but I think I need to add this one to my stash.


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