Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pirate Polish: Love In A Cold Climate (Valentine's Day 2013)

Good afternoon!
I have a Valentine's Day polish collection to show you lovelies today - the Pirate Polish: Love In A Cold Climate Collection.
Which is super appropriate for me right now because we had yet another snow storm yesterday and it is very cold and snowy and I hate it.
At least I have my polish to keep me warm...

Four sweet and spicy polishes to make your nails feel loved this Valentine's Day.

Pirate Polish - Cinnamon Girl
This is a suuuper bright red jelly polish with lots of glitter to keep it interesting! This is 3 thin coats.
The red glitter in the red jelly is really nice, and the little holo sparkles add that extra "oomph."

I don't wear red polish too often but the vibrancy of this one was really satisfying! I did an early V-day mani with this one, but I'll save that for a future post.

Pirate Polish - Be Mine
How sweet! A pink creme with tiny gold holographic glitter and gold flakes. I love the shade of pink.
3 coats to cover all bald spots, lovely formula. Nice and subtle for those of you not into crazy glitters!

And for those of you who are into crazy glitters...

Pirate Polish - Lovandula
Love this! Purple holo diamonds, silver holo hexes, and lots more. Obviously we know this polish is perfect for me because of my love for all things pink and purple and glittery.

This is two coats of Lovandula over Be Mine. The glitter disperses really nicely! Not hard to apply and I didn't have to fish for glitter. Yay! This one is definitely my favorite of the four.

Last but not least, the namesake of the collection:

Pirate Polish - Love In A Cold Climate
Hooray for shaped glitter! This polish features blue and white/clear hearts, and lots of other blue and white glitters, in a clear base. There's also some iridescent glitters in there which for some reason were showing up brownish in these pictures... Please ignore that. In reality they flash nice iridescent colors.

This is three coats of Love In A Cold Climate over China Glaze For Audrey.
I did have to fish for the heart glitter but I blame that on the mini brush. They're pretty big so you gotta be patient to retrieve them. But it is worth it because they're great.

The set of 4 full size polishes is available for $36 or individually for $10.
Minis are sold as a set for $18, or individually for $5.
Get 'em right here in the Pirate Polish Etsy shop! And don't forget to check them out on Facebook.

BONUS: Pirate Polish is offering a 10% store-wide discount code this week!
"AWAYONVACAY" is the code - it's to make up for the fact that they will be out of town until Saturday, so all orders made during this period will ship after they return. 

Product sent for honest review.


  1. Very pretty! I love the last one!

  2. Really lovely collection, Love in a cold climate is amazing :)

  3. These are all so pretty! Be Mine is my favorite I think. It seems unique.

  4. oh how cute, i need at least a couple of these!!

  5. Loving the last one! Do the shaped glitters lift at the edges?

    1. only slightly. nothing some topcoat can't fix!

  6. Be mine is definitely my favorite!

  7. I love Lovandula and Love in a Cold Climate! Awesome Glitters!!

  8. I love Love In A Cold Climate especially the hearts. they are very different from anything else I have.

  9. I love love love Be Mine! So pretty! I love big obnoxious glitters too but sometimes I really like something more subtle.


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