Sunday, September 16, 2012

31dc2012 - day 16

Hello and welcome to Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge!

I almost just had a mental breakdown because my electricity went out just as I finished doing these nails. Thankfully, it was only out for about 25 minutes before coming back! I would have killed someone if it didn't. Because I wouldn't have had any way to show off these awesome nails!

The theme for today is Tribal Print.

Pastel tribal! I'm loving this.

I wasn't sure what sort of tribal print I wanted to do, and I changed my mind about 100 times. Eventually I just sat down and starting painting and hoped for the best!

I think it turned out pretty nice! I could have been neater in some spots but hey, nobody bats 1000.

I used three polishes from Lime Crime to create this look. How freaking cute are those bottles?
A unicorn and bows? I'm into it!
Here's some swatches:

Lime Crime - Once In A Blue Mousse
A lovely pastel blue creme, 2 coats for perfect coverage. The formula was bit thick but workable. 
The pastels from this collection are all very vibrant which makes them unique, and I'm really in love.
They dry semi-matte which isn't my favorite but hey, do I ever go without topcoat anyway? The semi-matte finish makes them dry really quick though which I adore.

Lime Crime - Pastelchio
Ultra-vibrant pastel pistachio. Pastelchio. I dig it.
Again, 2 coats, thick-but-workable formula.

Lime Crime - Lavendairy
Okay, this polish has made it into my favorites. Such a perfect bright pastel purple. Different from other lavenders because of how vibrant it is! And the formula is perfection. Not as thick as the other two, covers perfectly in 2 coats, and dries very fast. Perrrrrrrfect.

I love these polishes so much. I need to get the other 4 colors from this collection. Right away.

I did the black detailing with my smallest brush and one of my go-to black polishes, Color Club - Where's The Soiree?

This challenge is really making me work hard! But the results are worth it. I'm really proud of this mani!
Hope you guys like it too.


  1. I am so into tribal print lately. this looks beautiful

  2. i like it a lot. it's great that you use vertical lines and print, not horizontal as the usual ones :)

  3. I really love this mani! I'm not a fan of tribal print nails, but using the pastel colors created such a dramatic contrast with the black that it makes it pop more. Great job!

  4. This is so awesome!! I love the way the pastels look against the black. Fabulous!

  5. wow wow wow...absolutely gorgeous!!! love these colors!!! you rock!

  6. Love this print and the colors you used!

  7. I love all the Lime Crime colors, I have been saving up to buy them all! Nice nail art also :)