Saturday, September 8, 2012

31dc2012 - day 8

The theme for today's challenge is Metallic!
Yesterday I got a polish in the mail that was very fitting for the challenge so of course I had to use it right away. And of course I also had to add some glitter and some stamping. Check it out!

Tada! I'm so pleased with how this manicure turned out. I love it!

I wasn't sure where I was going with these nails as I was doing them but they ended up really working.

The base color I used is Essie - Nothing Else Metals. This is a silvery-purple chrome metallic polish from Essie's new Mirror Metallics collection.
I wasn't expecting the new metallics to be anything special but I actually was pleasantly surprised, the formula is really awesome and the finish is very cool. Sooooo reflective. And not streaky or frosty.

I got this polish as a free perk from Klout. I actually might pick up some of the other colors too.

To add some sparkle, I sponged on a bit of Color Club - Sugarplum Fairy, a super-glittery polish from the Beyond The Mistletoe collection.

These two polishes go really well together, right? And I love the added bling from the holo glitter.

Then it was time for stamping. I used Bundle Monster BM-314 and stamped a different piece of the swirly image on each nail. I like how each nail is different but still the same, you know?

I'm totally psyched about these nails. If only I could keep them on longer. But the challenge continues...

What do you think? Successful metallic mani?


  1. i love how you used a different part of the design on each nail. great idea to keep it interesting. and yes, this is going right into my list of favorite nail designs ever! i love seeing bloggers do these creative challenges! can't wait to see what's next :)

  2. Stunning! I love this combination so much!

  3. I love this! I may have to pick up one of the Metallic Essies- no streaking for a metallic is pretty impressive.

  4. I love this mani! Great polish & stamping combo, I never thought about putting a different part of the same design on each nail!

  5. This is gorgeous- love the silvery/lilac chrome! I have a huge weakness for chrome and metallic polishes, so I adore this.

  6. So gorgeous! I love what you came up with :)

  7. WOW girl!! This mani rocks--totally do-able in my book!

  8. OMG, totally awesome manicure.

    xx, apolishedjezie

  9. oh this is so so beautiful!
    i m totally in love with this mani!!

  10. Normally, I hate metallic nails because they are so streaky. These are beautiful! You did a really nice job with the glitter and stamping!!

  11. Love that design in black over the pink- makes it have quite an impact. :)

  12. this is sooo pretty!! love the stamp so much


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