Monday, January 23, 2012

Color Club - Beyond The Mistletoe Collection - swatches and review

Hey guys! Two Color Club posts in a row from yours truly.

Beyond The Mistletoe is Color Club's 2011 holiday collection. It consists of 6 glitters and a topcoat.
These glitters are different from Backstage Pass because the glitter is all smaller and not a pain to apply!
However... these babies are hungry. And what I mean by that is they love to just eat up your topcoat.
You put on topcoat, it's okay for an hour or so, and suddenly, your nails are gritty again! I don't understand why some glitters do that but boy, these do. Adding another coat or two usually solves it. No big deal.

Before I show you these swatches I want to show you an awesome post another blogger did with these polishes.
The Edge Of Sanity swatched them here, in two ways: alone (full coverage) and over the shades from the Foiled collection. These glitters pretty much match up exactly with Foiled. It's awesome.
So check out her swatches for full-coverage and layering over Foiled, and check out mine for layering over some cremes!

Color Club - Beyond The Mistletoe (over Zoya Kristen)
Do you like my homemade labels? Ha! I've done this will all of my unlabeled sets because I recently stopped storing them in their boxes and just put them in a drawer (I had to save room!)
This one is mostly blue glitter with holographic glitter as well. This one seems to be the most holo-packed out of all of them. It's really cute and wintery, especially over a blue like Kristen!

Color Club - Holiday Splendor (over Essence You Belong To Me)
I'm showing this one pretty differently than most people do but I really like how this looks over the mint-colored creme of the Essence polish. This one can be worn alone because there is a green jelly base but when you layer it, it ends up being a bit neon!
Not quite sure if the glitter is silver or green (or both) because it's hard to tell through the green tint. There is also some holo glitter.
If you've been lemming China Glaze Atlantis, pick this one up, because they are nearly identical. This one is lighter and Altantis leans more teal, but they are super close.

Color Club - Sugarplum Fairy (over Zoya Kendal)
This one is lavender glitter and holo glitter. Makes a really cute combo over this lavender polish. This one is probably my second favorite in the collection!

Color Club - Gingerbread (over Zoya Megan)
Gold glitter + holo glitter. Not as holo as the others. I'm a sucker for a good gold glitter and this one works. I like it.

Color Club - Candy Cane (over Zoya Audrina)
I. Love. This. Glitter. And I love this combo too. A whoooole lot.
Pink glitter and a little bit of holo glitter. This one is my favorite.
I wore this over its matching Foiled shade, Hot Like Lava once:

I got so many compliments on this mani and a ton of girls asked me what polish I was wearing. 
Which made for some awkward moments when the conversations went like this:
"Actually it's two polishes... Color Club... Yes that's the brand... You can get them at Winners sometimes but only in sets of 7... And I think they're sold out... Yes you'd need both sets... But you can get them online alone..."
Eventually it ends with weird looks and me feeling like a crazy person. 

Color Club - Jingle Jangle (over black)
I've shown you this combo before when I wore it as a mani and decided to reuse the photos. I'm lazy sometimes.
This is shades of blue and purple glitter in a clear base and maybe a pinch of holo. 
This one gives a really cool look and I want to layer it over a purple because I bet it would be rad!

Overall this collection is awesome and glitter lovers will especially adore it. There's not one I don't like. Good job Color Club!

That's another Color Club collection down! How many have I swatched now I wonder? 
Sad thing is, I'd love to have more!
(Can't wait for their spring collection...)


  1. Candy Cane and Jingle Jangle are my favorites. So pretty!!

  2. Love jingle jangle and over the mistletoe. Just a beautiful collection:)

  3. i like them all except jingle jangle & candy cane. i feel like they all should have some holo glitter in them.

  4. I had almost the exact same conversation when I wore Candy Cane!! I didn't layer it, but the girl had never heard of Colour Club so things got a bit awkward...

  5. so pretty! jingle jangle is my fave :)

  6. Haha I was commenting to my husband tonight that if anyone in the "real world" saw my polish collection they would think I was a total freak. Some people just dont get it! :P

  7. I loved Jingle jangle over black! *-* Surely I'll try using it this way! =D

  8. Love them all just not too fond of Holiday Splendor. And that means a lot as I'm not a big glitter fan

  9. Replies
    1. technically yes, i had a friend in the states buy them for me and send them to me hahaha