Friday, January 6, 2012

Glitter Gal - White Sparkle, Black 3D/Holo, Suede 3D/Holo

Good morning everyone! Today I will show you the second last set of Glitter Gal polishes!

I haven't got a lot of time to write this post so I will get right to it.

Glitter Gal - White Sparkle
This is another one that I had not heard of until doing this review and I don't understand why I didn't hear of this!
It's got holo glitter... and it's a duochrome. Yep.

What looks like a white shimmer with holo glitter actually has a really strong duochrome from pink to coral to yellow. It's really pretty! I've never seen another duochrome with this particular color change.
It was hard to capture the yellow so I just have the one photo but believe me, this is intense!

This one is three coats and it is still a tiny bit sheer. It's a beauty!

Glitter Gal - Black 3D/Holo
The famous black holo from Glitter Gal!

For me this was the problem child of my Glitter Gals because the formula was too thick.
(Even though it is thick, it's still easy to apply... Just thick for a Glitter Gal.)
With some thinner it would be perfect and I have also heard that adding some thinner helps the holo show through more.

I will add some thinner to this before I use it next! Don't let my thick bottle discourage you because despite that, it is still gorgeous!

Glitter Gal - Suede 3D/Holo
This is another that I hadn't heard of, and I love it! It's a neutral brown-taupe color with the beautiful GG holo.

Work appropriate holo! Hahaha. This one covers in 2 easy coats, no application issues.
Again I will mention how you don't need special basecoat or topcoat for these babies and they apply like a total dream.

That's all for today's post! Tomorrow will show the last three polishes and I have saved three stunners for the final post!


  1. They're all gorgeous! Definitely loving the duochrome holo and the suede holo!

  2. great swatches! I didn't know white sparkle was a duochrome! I wanted to buy it but finally chosed dark brown sparkle because I was scared it was too sheer...but it looks great!!:D

  3. These are amazing polishes! I'm surprised at how pretty the browns are. ME GUSTA. ;)

  4. I love black one the most! :)

  5. I've never seen a cafe brown holo before. cool!

  6. i love the black and the coffe one! the brown one is so unique! never seen anything similar:-)

  7. Woman I'm starting to think you're made of money lol. Love these, especially the black holo! <3 <3

  8. Disregard the last comment, I just read your first glitter gal post. So you are not broke, your wallet is doing great, AND you own all the holo glitter gal polishes. You're the luckiest girl in nailpolishland lol

  9. I actually like the firs one because of it's weird pink/gold reflection and the suede one has such a beautiful base color