Monday, January 2, 2012

new layout! + reader comparison request

Hey everyone! Just wanna make a little post to let you all know that I have a new layout for my blog!
This is the first time I have ever changed it since starting my blog. (Which was almost a year ago!)

Sarah from Chalkboard Nails changed the colors of the background for me and I made the cute header. (Are you surprised it has a bow?)
Now my blog is totally "me" and I adore it!

Now for a little comparison to make this post more interesting.
Earlier today I posted some Glitter Gal swatches as you know, and a reader named Candice asked me to compare Glitter Gal - Dark Purple 3D/Holo and OPI - DS Original.

There you go, Candice! As you can see, they aren't close in color at all.

I know I've been saying all this time that DS Original is my favorite polish ever... but... after seeing these vibrant Glitter Gals I sort of feel different!

I know there will be more comparison requests with my Glitter Gal swatches (and I will mention similarities as I go along) but I think I will wait until I have all the Glitter Gals and do one big massive holo comparison post. Sound good? :)

I'm going to go stare at my blog some more now! It's too pretty. Have a lovely evening!


  1. Your blog layout is sooooooooo you! :D I love it! Glitter Gal and OPI DS Original are so pretty! :D

  2. love the layout! Its like the old one but 10 times more awesome!!!

  3. Loving the layout!

    Both colors are gorgeous! Thanks for the comparison

  4. Love the new layout! And the bow :D

  5. Love the new header and your changed color scheme!

  6. Those Glitter Gal polishes are my all-time biggest lemmings. I can't wait to see the rest of your swatches. And yup, the bow is adorable. =)

  7. The new layout is great - what a good way to start a new year. :)

  8. Loving the new blog colos and layout! (Hi, my name is Pryanka. Don't know if I've posted on your blog before but I've been reading for a while)

    But about this post...I sort of like the Glitter Gal better. The OPI is more of a holo effect, but the GG is darker enough to be the better fit for me.

  9. Lovely layout!! I wish someone wud do mine jus as pretty as yours!!

  10. Thank you or the comparison!! :) I don't know which one I would choose if I could order them, but I need to stop thinking about it, I should try a no-buy :/

  11. The bow, the bow, the bow!! love it!!

    OMG! DS original looks sooooooooo dull compared to GG!! Great comparison! :D

  12. Your background is very cool! Go Sarah! Thanks for this comparison!