Sunday, January 1, 2012

december haul + 2012 previews

Happy new year everyone! I know a lot of us have had a difficult 2011 and I hope better things are coming for all of us in 2012.

Before we talk about 2012, let's finish off 2011.
Ah, December. The month of copious shopping and money-spending.
Let's see just how many bottles of polish ended up in my shopping cart or in my mailbox in December...

I bought quite a few sets of things, for good prices:
Color Club - Backstage Pass Collection
Barielle Shades 5-pack (Swizzle Stix, Decadence, Buddha-ful, Du Unto Others, Slate of Affairs)
China Glaze Memorable Moments minis ($6!) (Oxygen, Stellar, Bridezilla, Silver Lining)
Color Club Femme Fatal minis ($5!) (Worth The Risque, Revvvolution, Where's the Soiree?, French Tip)

I got a Secret Santa package: (Thanks Brenda! You totally spoiled me!)
China Glaze - Sea Spray
China Glaze - Medallion
China Glaze - Party Hearty
Savita - Purple Hologram
Set of 9 Wet N Wild minis

I got an awesome Brazillian swap! (Thanks Marilia!)
Butter London - Stroopy
Lynnderella - Gotta Love Brains
Hits - Rocker Chick
Hits - 367
Hits - 368
Ana Hickman purple polish

I picked up 4 of the new Finger Paints flakies (for a good price with a good coupon!)
Twisted, Asylum, Flecked, Motley.

Santa brought me three polishes:
Nicole by OPI - It's All About The Glam
Nicole by OPI - Kim-pletely In Love
Nicole by OPI - Follow Me On Glitter

Other stuff:
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Ruby Diamond (Thanks Hayley!)
China Glaze - White Cap (free!)
China Glaze - How About A Tumble? (Thanks Chelsea's blogsale!)
Pretty and Polished - Midnight Rider (Thanks Chelsea's Etsy!)
Hard Candy black mini ($1!)
Nicole by OPI - I'm A Belieber (Thanks Rhonni!)
Del Sol - Trick-Or-Treat (clearance, $2.47!)
Cosmetic Arts - No name green with pink shimmer

Awful iPhone photo but look at that! Green with strong pink shimmer? I had to buy it because of how different it is. Anyone know if this has a name?

As I mentioned once before, I was chosen by Llarowe to be one of her swatchers so I had a Glitter Gal haul! I'm going to begin swatching these babies as soon as I'm done with this massive post.

This month was bad. I'm a sucker for deals.

Now let's talk about 2012!
My January haul is already bad, too. I know what is on the way to me... But just know, in advance, that I got amazing deals. And I'm going to try not to buy much more in January.
(I'm also not buying clothes in January... Or shoes...)

It's going to be hard for all of us polish addicts to stay in control in 2012... Here's some reasons why:

I might as well give China Glaze my wallet now. Really. Just take it.

Zoya keeps killing me too...

Have. You. Seen. The. Swatches? Skylar, Tru, and Lotus will be joining my stash ASAP.

Essie is up to her usual tricks...

Most of those don't thrill me but there are a few interesting ones.

Orly's new collection looks potentially promising. I'll wait for swatches.

I haven't heard anything from Color Club for 2012 but I'm sure they'll get a chunk of cash from me, too.

My wallet gets a little sad when OPI does such awesome collections.

Actually, my wallet is a little sad about 2012.

I'm off to do some swatching! Have a lovely day!


  1. Haha, I wish I could buy as much as you! I would be one happy nail-aholic. There are a lot of awesome collections coming out in 2012. I didn't know about all of them so thanks for sharing! Have a great 2012! :)

  2. Oooooo! I didn't know about the Orly collection and the more I look at the Essies the more I think "boy that would look good with Shine of the Times on top or any of the FP flakies. Thank you for an informative post!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Oh my you got SO many polishes! Jelly!
    AND you got EOS lip balms! I've been wanting to try these out ever since they came out, but I just can't get my hands on it :(

    And those CG collections look amazing!

  4. I'm trying not to spend (too much) money this month on nail polish :P
    I can't wait for the Prismatic and On Safari collections. The pink one from the Fleck collection probably has to be mine as well.
    Some from the Holland collection have caught my eye and even though I live in Holland, it's most likely impossible to get my hands on them since they're like € 16 a bottle... :(

  5. It's official: I won't have any money this year. Which really sucks because my tuition for next fall is insaaane!

  6. Oh balls. Apparently I am going to be broke this year too. I want at least one (but who are we kidding, a lot more than one) from each of those collections....

  7. Ooh, that purple crackle glitter just looks amazing!! It's a must have for me. :) I also like your Femme Fatale minis!

  8. Luv Gotta Love Brains , OMG!! and the new Color Club Collection of glitters is really amazing!

  9. Just joined you via Bloglovin. So much easier than hounding my bookmarks lol. Anyway, the OPI Nicki and Holland collections NEED TO COME TO ME NOW!

    The Safari and ElectroPop collections by CG look amazing as well. Can't wait to see swatches and ogle <3

  10. That's quite a haul. I don't feel so bad anymore, heehee!! Can't waith to see those Hits and Glitter Gals.

  11. the flakie finger paints are out already?

    I am going to Sally's tomorrow to look for them then

  12. OMG, I am obsessed with all these collections, you are totally right, my wallets gonna suffer haha

  13. I would like to simultaneously thank you and share my anger with you about all these collections. I want most of them, but like you said, my wallet will hate it.

  14. I feel your wallet pain for the upcoming polishes! I'm waiting for the ChG Magnetix also :(

  15. You know what that sad part is Rebecca? this aint even the tip of the iceberg!!! We still got all of those others suprise collections that pops from no where! and then Fall/Winter collections!!!! YIKES!

  16. there is the china glaze hunger games collection too that looks pretty cool

  17. I have no more room to store polishes! The Electropop polishes look really pretty!

    OMG glitter crackle? No more crackles pls!

    Also Revvvolution is one my fav. polishes and great for stamping. It doesn't smear like s/p konad black.

  18. Gah why do they have to release so many collections?? ;P The summer neons look nice!

  19. Hey there, that green-with-pink-shimmer from Cosmetics Art is this one: ;>
    GREAT haul, nothing to say about it!

  20. My wallet is convulsing at the thought of seeing those Glitter Gal swatches!! :)

  21. @Smaltoitaliano - thank you!

    @everyone else - you all made me laugh! thanks for the comments!

  22. My wallet is already feeling it! I just bought the electropop collection! I can't wait for the rest of the CG!

  23. Maybe i should just get my pay officer to put my pay straight into China Glaze's account. Saves me doing it myself

  24. OMG, my eyes are the size of basketballs right now. O.O <--- bigger

  25. eletropop and summer neons look awesome!
    i might finally buy some real nail polish.. aha

  26. Such a nice stuff, I hope I will get my hands on some beauties :)

  27. I just want to say the save me from the micki minaj is a total pass. I'll have swatches and review up on my blog by tomorrow if you want to check out why.

  28. i'm in love with the cg safari collection. those colors are beautiful.