Saturday, December 31, 2011

rebecca's favorite polishes of 2011 - the runner ups!

Hi everyone! I told you I'd post the polishes that didn't quite make the cut for my top ten, and here they are!
You might be able to spot some of them in the image I made for the series! Haha.

When deciding my final ten, I went through all my drawers and pulled out the ones that were possibly in the running. Then I took that photo. And then I narrowed it down!
Let's see what else I loved this year.

This year, I liked a lot of glitter.
Color Club - Very Merry Berry. Such an interesting combination! And smells good to boot!
Color Club - Jingle Jangle. A unique shade of glitter, looks great on.
China Glaze - Skyscraper. Just plain pretty.
Deborah Lippmann - Glitter In The Air. Although this is difficult to work with, I love it and I'm really glad my mom got it for me in Vegas.
Essence - Edward. It's teal, it's glitter, there are squares... It's just cool.
Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia. Perfect dupe for Lippmann's Bad Romance! So happy I didn't have to splurge on the Lippmann.
China Glaze - Marry A Millionaire. Another unique glitter! With bar glitter! Love it.
China Glaze - Twinkle Lights. Christmas glitter. Big fan.
OPI - Crown Me Already! Super blingy silver glitter. If you're looking for a silver glitter, this is it.
OPI - Excuse Moi! Another unique glitter - this one has a slightly tinted base.
OPI - Divine Swine. Fuchsia glitter, not highly original, but great with the added silver.
OPI - Last Friday Night. Another from the Katy Perry collection! Blue and pretty. Love!

Also on the glitter front, I made two awesome frankens this year. You know Rebecca Likes Cupcakes but the other is unseen and unnamed (for now.) I adore them both!

Here are some non-glitters that were in the running:

Revlon - Royal Cloak. A nice shade of purple with tiny flakies in it!
BB Couture - Junk In The Trunk. Awesome shimmery blue.
Color Club - Hot Like Lava. Hot hot hot pink foil.
Glitter Gal - Frappe. Cute light pink holo.
China Glaze - First Mate. I have a soft spot for this navy creme.
China Glaze - Sea Spray. Perfect gray-blue shimmer!

Lastly, I'm gonna show you the 5 polishes that were seriously hard to not include. I almost did a top 15...

Sephora by OPI - Hell To The No. Amazing purple with great gold shimmer. Looked for this one for so long! Finally came to me by way of a great friend named Rhonni.
Essie - Smooth Sailing. Cornflower blue shimmer with a great formula. First Essie I actually felt I needed.
Nails Inc. - Bloomsbury Square. Best purple glitter ever, seriously.
Ozotic - 528. Multi-chromatic glitter. Need I say more?
Orly - Sweet Peacock. Bright blue foil, great formula, amazing color. (Looks great on toes, too!)

Sheesh! See how hard it was to decide?


  1. Love Revlon Royal Cloak. Glad it got a mention ;0)

  2. ooohhhh I wish I could have one of your your fraken its so pretty because I love cupcakes too!!!! ):

  3. I loved the Top 10 series, but I really like this too! Have you ever tried layering OPI Last Friday Night over a dark navy creme, it's amazing! I hope you had a great year Rebecca! Have a wonderful 2012!

  4. I have to agree with Bloomsbury Square being the best purple glitter (even though I don't own it)! I own the Wet n Wild dupe.

  5. You have so many nice polishes and it really was hard to decide, I shared your passion with glitters and purple color and I think this trend continues this year too

  6. I loooove Essie Smooth Sailing! There was this one random cvs in the city that had the braziliant collection out, and that's the only one I picked up :P

  7. Orly Sweet Peacock is my most favorite polish, it's beautiful!!!!

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