Thursday, December 8, 2011

Catrice - Khaki Perry

I am a sucker for nail polish.
I am a sucker for Katy Perry.
I am a sucker for nail polish relating to Katy Perry.

This is Catrice - Khaki Perry. Cute name! The color doesn't really relate to Katy but the name is just a cute play on words. Of course I had to have this.

This takes 3 coats for full opacity and it is a bit streaky with brush strokes but it doesn't bother me too much in this color.

This is a work-appropriate shade while still being unique! I'm a fan.

I've finished my first exam! Hopefully I can get back to a regular posting schedule again. I have another exam next week but I have plenty of time to study for it so I shouldn't be overwhelmed by work again. And I will have time for nail art!

Before I go I want to show you a few things I recently received... Just because I am excited about them.

Major China Glaze Lemmings!!! I have now officially finished my OMG Collection and I will post the second half of it once my nails grow out a little for the best swatching.
BFF was a total pain in the you-know-what to find. I found the other 11 within about a month (2NITE took a long time in shipping) but BFF just kept eluding me.  I have you now, pretty pink holo!

And, Party Hearty!!! Extreme use of exclamation points!!! I missed out on it last year for the holidays and this year an amazing lady named Brenda sent this one to me in a Secret (Polish) Santa group I participated in this year. I am going to have a holly jolly Christmas with this baby on my nails! What should I layer it over? Hmm..

More lemmings? Yes. Here we have Lynnderella's Gotta Love Brains which is fab and Butter London Stroppy which I have wanted for as long as I can remember wanting specific nail polishes. Yes. I might sleep with it next to my pillow.
Also pictured are some Brazilian goodies I received because this was a swap with a lovely Brazilian girl, Marilia! I got some Hits glitters (so pretty!) and another polish called Ana Hickman.
Thank you Marilia for killing one of my biggest lemmings. And thanks for the other stuff too!

Holo overload. As you may have seen, the lovely Leah Ann from Llarowe picked me to be one of the lucky bloggers who will swatch her entire catalog of polishes for the website! I was chosen to swatch Glitter Gal and holy crap, there are a lot of these babies. I'm pretty sure this isn't even all of them. Keep your eyes peeled for swatches of these!

Yes, I got more Color Club. My madness never ends. This is Backstage Pass and I got it at Winners for $12.99, and it is even the salon bottles with labels and the big caps! Cool.

Okay, that's all. Had to show you my pretties. Have a lovely day!


  1. Full of envy here, such an amazing haul, all of it.

  2. WOW WOW WOW WOW. Jealous much? ;-) I cant believe how cheap Color Club is!! In Denmark a nailpolish (1!!) like OPI and Essie cost about 20-22,- cad. And we can't even buy Color Club here :-(

  3. Wow! I see so many nice polishes in this post! :)

  4. You lucky thing. Can't wait for the Glitter Gal polishes, I'm gonna be broke, but I know I won't be able to control myself when I see the swatches.

  5. I also like Katy Perry but this polish simply isn't my thing, I'm looking forward to see all the swatches

  6. I am completely jealous of the holos!! Been drooling over HITS and Glitter Gal for ages. Will have to start collecting.

  7. Just used your floral nail post to do my own to match a floral dress. I Google-searched "freehand floral manicure" and sifted through the images till I found the kind I meant ... aaaand it was yours.
    Well done. :P