Monday, December 19, 2011

baking post: oreo cookie brownie bars!

Hi everyone! I decided to do a baking post for you today in case anyone is looking for some totally sinful treats to make for the holidays!
I will most likely be making some more goodies over the next couple of days and I will show you those as well at some point.

(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the 10 pounds you might gain if you make the following recipe.)

I didn't actually make these for the holidays, it was back in October - myself and my bestie Emma found this recipe online (simultaneously) and knew we had to make it.
Here is the link to the original. You might want to think twice about clicking it because they even involve ice cream and hot fudge in this fiasco and the pictures should be illegal.

Now I will show you my process and results!

This is the concoction Emma and I made. Yes, this is made of chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, and brownies. All in the one bar. It is delightful! (And calorie-laden.)

Let me show you how you make them. Continue at own risk.

Make an entire batch of cookie dough and spread it into a glass baking dish that you have lined with parchment paper. Make sure it covers the bottom. Resist eating dough.

Emma the hand model is wearing For Audrey I believe. And look at that stamping! She is my protege. I taught her everything I know!

Line the dish with an entire box of Double Stuff Oreos. Yes, the whole box. Resist eating Oreos because you need them all.
(Emma and I thought we would have Oreos to munch on while the monster was in the oven - as if we needed to eat anything in preparation for that sucker - but then they all fit into the dish. )

Mix up an entire batch of brownies and pour it over the top.
We used a Godiva brownie mix which was freaking delicious. But I think a cheaper mix might be better because it would likely be less dense and would be easier to bake.

Resist urge to just pick up an Oreo and eat it like chips and dip.
(Actually that might be a good future idea.)


Now it's time to put your calorie loaf into the oven.

The recipe says 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes but we had issues with that.
We took it out at 55 minutes, thinking it was done. We let it cool for 10 minutes or so and when we checked on it, we realized that the brownies were still liquid under the surface.

We had to put it back in the oven and bake it for another half an hour or more. This is why I think you should use a different brownie mix - it might be less rich and dense and therefore bake quicker.

Having to bake it twice really made the edges hard so it didn't turn out as wonderful as it should have.
I learned a baking tip from a friend on facebook - if your cookies or any other baked goods end up too hard, seal them in a container with a slice or two of bread. The moisture from the bread will transfer into the cookies. And it seriously worked! They ended up soft and chewy, even the edges.
(Thanks for the tip, Anissa!)

You use the parchment paper to lift it out of the pan, peel away the paper, cut into chunks, and eat.
(But believe you me, it is not easy to eat much at once. Soooooo decadent.)

I also want to mention that I think these are much better once they have cooled completely. It's easier to taste all the different components that way!

Nom nom nom.
Do you want to make these now? Don't say I didn't warn you!

I still have half of this batch in my freezer. Every now and then I take out a piece and thaw it! It's better that way because you don't end up eating 5 pieces in a day. (Unless you thaw that many at once but you have more willpower than that. I believe in you.)

Let me know if you make these!


  1. HOLY MOLY these look AMAZING! My mouth is watering! I might actually have to try this someday despite my less than amazing baking skills and live on it forever and ever!

  2. OMG! That looks seriously delicious! I don't dare making this though! :D

  3. OMG OMG!!! That looks so DELISH. I'm seriously going to make this for New Years eve. My favorite sweets all in one. Yum!

  4. Things like this should be illegal ^_^ now I'm off to erase this from my memory or I am afraid of what I might end up doing tomorrow XD

  5. ROFL, I saw the recipe on Pinterest and was planning on making these. Good to know about needing the whole pack of oreos. Cause I was also gonna make oreo stuffed brownies. Now, I know I need 2 packs.

  6. OMG! Rebecca you should call this Epic Baking Time! I want to make these when my BF gets back from being over seas! (he has a sweet tooth) What if you used the Oreo brownie mix? that would be redundant...

  7. Gosh, those look sooo delicious *drool* Better not think of the gazillion calories in it ;) But I don't think we have Double Stuffed Oreos here... might work with the normal ones though?!

  8. OMG, Why did you do this to me Rebecca? It looks so delicious! And I will be making a batch of this! ;-)

  9. This looks like sweet death haha! I'd love to try a just a tiny piece, but might die after it!

  10. Wow lol :D More baking posts please! :)

  11. This looks sooooo good!!!! And of course, I didn't listen and clicked the link, smh. I want some RIGHT NOW!! WITH ice cream, mmmmm....

  12. I want to make these EVEN CRAZIER by making the mix for those oreo truffles where you mix oreos and cream cheese and put that in the middle. Think that might kill someone?

  13. this is amazing.. why did i look at this during christmas when i'm already consuming an unhealthy amount of calories?