Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rebecca Likes Cupcakes!

Hello everyone from Rebecca's world of studying! I've spent the last few days writing a paper and studying and I decided to take a break from studying to write a little post!

I've been meaning to post about this for a while, actually. Remember a few months ago I made my own franken? I posted about it here. I've since perfected the formula and I want to show it to you again!

Behold my franken, Rebecca Likes Cupcakes.
(A lovely reader/fellow blogger named it for me! The name is perfect because it is an ode to my blog, I do like cupcakes, and its initials are also my initials! It's perfect. Thank you Kim!)

My new formula ups the opacity of the polish a little, and adds a lot more glitter! It is just so squishy and cute.
I've actually made over 20 bottles of this sucker now for friends and fellow bloggers!
Here are some posts from other bloggers who love my polish:
Whitney @ We're Making History
Chelsea @ Pretty and Polished (also on her Flikr)
Natalie @ heartNAT
Destany @ Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom
Amy @ I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous 

(There could be more but this is all I can think of right now! If you have posted my franken, send me the link and I will link it here!)

This special franken bottle was made for me by Caroline at Shadow's Nail Art. It pretty much sums me up, don't you think? I adore it!

My swatches here are 3 coats alone, but you can also layer it over a light purple or a white for a more opaque look.

My franken doesn't always come in the same bottle, but they are always made with a cute cupcake sticker.

Dying to get your hands on a bottle of this? Keep your eyes open in the next few days and you might be pleasantly surprised... ;)


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I remember this fanken, and I love the new version! :D I hope to get my hands on a bottle someday. :)

  2. love it!
    it's cupcake perfection in a nail polish bottle.
    hope i get a chance to get it.

  3. Gorgeous franken!!! I love cupcakes as well :) In fact, some of my usernames are "Kellycupcake" lol :) SUCH A CUTE BOTTLE!! :)

  4. i would love a bottle of this!
    great franken!

  5. I really would love to have this polish/your franken. Is there anyway we could do a trade sometime maybe?

  6. How exciting! I would love to snatch up a bottle of this. It reminds me of Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air....only better. I'm not a blue fan so the base of this is much more appealing to me. Great job! :)

  7. Ahhh I love this! Would definitely be interesting in buying a bottle :) Super impressed!

  8. I loved this when you first posted it, aaaand I still love it. Hook a sister up for some $$ sometime around campus?

  9. wow! i love those cute bottles! :D

  10. Love this and the bottle! Would love a bottle if you're selling~

  11. That is so pretty with the cute bottle stickers :)
    I love the name.
    I like cupcakes too.

  12. Finally caught up on your blog after forever. You keep getting better and better at doing nails! :)

  13. I really like this! Reminds me of the strawberry icing and 100's & 000's on these mini cupcakes they sell at the supermarket! Very cute, i'd love to have a bottle of this :D

  14. How precious! You did an awesome job with this franken! Love it. :D

  15. love this franken, it's so pretty, love the finishing touches to the bottle.

  16. love this franken, it's so pretty, love the finishing touches to the bottle.

  17. Great job! Beautiful color and the cutest bottle!

  18. This looks absolutely delibious! Kind of like one of those things I'd just have to taste! Like those Lush soaps.. you know they're not going to taste as good as they smell, but you can't help giving it a lick anyway... or maybe that's just me! Anyway! Great job and I LOVE the bottles.

  19. can i buy a bottle from you through paypal?

  20. I naturally wouldn't go for a soft shade plus the glitter but I WANT this franken!!

  21. It's SOOO cute :-D Looking forward to your surprise ;-)

  22. Congratulation on your RLC polish, the color, name, bottles and stickers are so cute together

  23. lucky people who got it! i wish i had one too :(
    very pretty :) it does remind me of a cupcake! now i want a cupcake :p

  24. Awesome franken! It totally reminds me of cupcakes, the name is perfect!

  25. Your franken is so beautiful and I love the cupcake bottles!

  26. How adorable bottles, and really pretty polish. Nice franken!

  27. Aaaaaw the bottles are too cute!!

  28. Just plain cute. I have been making cupcakes with my little one and we've been having so much fun. What would make it sweeter? A bottle of this fabulous polish of course. 8)

  29. I love this!!! I want one!!! My daughters would flip over this!

  30. This is so cute! I would die if I had one. Rebecca, you should open up an etsy and sell these! ;D

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