Sunday, December 4, 2011

Color Club - Pardon My French Collection - swatches and review

What's this? More Color Club? Yes!
Today I'm showing you Pardon My French, a collection of pretty pastels and iridescent glitter topcoats.

I love when these collections have 7 polishes and not 6 with a topcoat. Let's get to it!

First I'll mention that the three glitters are identical glitter in different bases. One is slightly pink, one is slightly yellow/orange, and the other is clear. I didn't put the clear on this wheel because you get the point. Multicolored small iridescent glitter.

This is how they look over dark colors. Very sparkly!
Now for the swatches.

Pardon My French. The collection's namesake is a very light pink, these colors are meant to be a bit sheer so it takes 4 coats for full opacity. It's light and feminine but I don't find it to be boring because it is so bright! Looks clean, too. I don't have another pink quite as light/bright.

Hot Couture over Pardon My French. This is an adorable combo! The sheer base in Hot Couture tones down the brightness of PMF a bit, and the colors of the iridescent glitter are really pretty. I love this combo!

I Believe In Amour. Light pink but darker than the last. Again 4 coats. Very girly shade, not at all original. I'm sure everyone probably has a color like this.

Hot Couture over I Believe In Amour. Again a super girly and cute combo!

Oh Naturale. I love the half French/half English names of these polishes. This one's name is my favorite! 
This is your standard peach color but again sheer, I think this is 3 coats, maybe 4.

Virtually a dupe for China Glaze - Peachy Keen.

Turn The Other Chic over Oh Naturale. Again another cute name! Not in love with this polish though because I don't often wear orange and this has a pretty orangey base, so I'm not sure if you could layer it over much else besides yellow/orange/red without it making things look a strange color.

Take Me To Your Chateau. This one, unlike the others, is really opaque. I was actually hoping that it might be a sheer like the others because then it would be really nice to wear under Lippmann's Glitter In The Air. (I tried the combo and it just didn't look right over such a vibrant, opaque color.)
That being said, I very much like this color. 

Si Vous Please! over Take Me To Your Chateau, with Hot Couture on the ring finger.
SVP is a bit less dense than the others which is why I showed it next to the pink glitter as well.

Strangely enough, Color Club duped themselves a year after this collection came out with Starry Temptress (however, ST is a bit more glitter-dense.)

Overall, I adore this collection because the colors are cute, the glitters are cute, and the names are cute. 
I'm all about the cute.
(Also the French names get to me, what can I say! Oh, Chanel Nouvelle Vague... Why aren't you mine?)


  1. Nice swatches! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nothing super-attention getting but nothing ugly, either. I might pick it up if I saw it at Ross, otherwise, I'd go for the blue because I can't have enough blue and orange glitter, simply because I don't have anything like it

  3. The blue reminds me a lot of Essie's "Borrowed and Blue". Any resemblance?

  4. @CCouture - I don't have both but the Essie might be a tiny bit lighter, they are basically the same!

  5. I so want this collection now...thanks a lot! :)

  6. Ohh I have Take me to your Chateau & it's been sitting in the untrieds for almost a year now.. Maybe I should try it as some french tips! :)

  7. I like the glitter part but pastels looks a little boring but still nice when you topped them with some shiny glitter

  8. As I predicted, today at the store Take me to your Chateau was calling out my name. I ignored it because I have Essie Borrowed and Blue. Next time I will take my swatch wheel and compare the two!