Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nfu-Oh 50

Hi everyone! It's flakie time! I don't often drool over flakie polishes because I don't like the typical orange/green color shift that most have. But these ones... These are special.

This is Nfu-Oh 50 which is turquoise flakies in a sheer purple base. Here I have layered it over China Glaze First Mate to create a deep mermaid-like look.

At some point I will also layer this over a purple to get the bottle-look but I am in a dark phase and love wearing dark colors! (I know, who am I and what have I done with Rebecca?)

On certain angles the flakies completely change color which I was not expecting! They become a gorgeous dark blue. I couldn't stop staring.

I do have a complaint though about this polish - I got crazy bubbling. I'm not sure if you can see it in any of the photos but each nail was totally bubbled after a few hours. It was hard to tell on the nail, but I peeled off a few nails while studying and each one looked like a galaxy of bubbles when I held it up to the light.

The formula on the flakies is really thick and this was 2 coats plus 2 coats of First Mate, and then Seche Vite. The thickness might have added to the bubbling but I wear thick manis pretty often and don't experience it. So it's weird.
I can deal with bubbles for mega prettiness though!

Now I have my eye on #51...


  1. amazing combination!
    I wish I would have this nfu.oh too!

  2. Nfu Oh 51 is on my list too! I don't own any Nfu Oh polishes, but I think I might buy it in 2 weeks :P
    This one is gorgeous too, but I really want the perfect blue flakie, which comes from Nfu Oh as well :P

  3. Lovely combo!! To bad about the bubbling though :(

  4. super pretty! like you, I'm not the biggest fan of "regular" flakies with the orange/green shift...but other with blue or red flakies, I totally love!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! Bummer that it bubbled, but I can't tell at all! It looks great!

  6. Ooh this polish is beautiful! where can you get it in the Maritimes?

  7. Amazing colour combo :D It's just a pity that it bubbles so bad...

  8. @MissRobynElizabeth - you have to order from :)

  9. So pretty! I am not a huge fan of the green/orange flakie either.

  10. So pretty! I think I might have this one too!

  11. so pretty! i always love Nfu oh flakies collection
    they are unique and pretty!

  12. OMG, this is such an amazing flakie. I love it and will be buying it for myself for Xmas, bubbles or not!

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