Sunday, December 4, 2011

CND "The Look" Fall/Winter 2010 - Urban Oasis & Teal Sparkle

Hi everyone! Today's post features some CND polish from last year that I picked up over the summer!
This is CND - The Look Fall/Winter 2010 which consists of a creme and a shimmer/sparkle topcoat.
I picked this up (on clearance for $11!) at a Merle Norman (who knew they sell CND?)

These are the only two polishes I own from CND and if the rest of them are as fantastic as these, I should have a whole lot more.

I love the shape of these bottles. Let's see how they look on the nail!

CND - Urban Oasis. This is a beautful deep teal creme. I am really into dark colors lately which is weird for me. Normally I gravitate to pastel! Maybe I am subconsciously going darker for fall/winter.
This is basically a one-coater but I add two just to make it as smooth as possible.

If OPI - Jade Is The New Black and OPI - Ski Teal We Drop had a love child, it would be Urban Oasis.
In other words, this color is pretty much perfect. 

Now for some picture spam of the topcoat.

CND - Teal Sparkle over Urban Oasis. This topcoat looks goldish in the bottle but on the nail it flashes blue, green and teal. It is so pretty over Urban Oasis. It's so pretty in general!
I haven't tried it over anything else but I bet it would look good over anything.

That was a lot of pictures. But it deserves it. Agreed?

Unfortunately I think this duo is pretty difficult to find nowadays, but check out your Merle Norman! You never know!


  1. I love these CND top coats! I now have 2, and need more! I have a nail supply store that sells them, as I have never seen CND sold anywhere around her.

  2. Wow, the Teal Sparkle really adds something special! It's beautiful! One day I'm seriously going to have to invest in some CND top coats.

  3. The teal is very pretty. I might need to find some of the CND polishes now.

  4. I felt the exact same way about this set. Aren't they so pretty?

  5. Ooohhhh such glittery deliciousness! I wish stuff like this was more easily available in the UK.

  6. Urban Oasis looks kind of boring on its self but when it is topped with glitter it comes to life