Friday, December 2, 2011

Barry M - Boots Limited Edition

Hi guys! Tonight I'm going to show you a super adorable polish from Barry M.

This is Barry M - Boots Limited Edition. A cute purple-toned pink creme that covers well in just 2 coats!
I think this might be quite similar to Essie's Splash of Grenadine but I don't own it so I am not entirely sure.

Barry M is available only in the UK and this particular one is only at Boots which I believe is a drugstore!

What's on your nails tonight?


  1. To answer your question: baaare nails. My new cheap NYC clear coat peeled like something else after cutting chicken tonight, so I'm waiting on some inspiration and deciding whether to cut them down some. Probably paint tomorrow.

    Also, adorable color. And I am jealous of your cleanup/application and cuticles. And nail shape. So. I want to be you? :P

  2. What do I have ulta color. It's yellow. Also, only 1 hand is painted :P

  3. It's a lot like Essie's :) (this morning) I'm wearing first timer snowflakes

    Have a great weekend

    Marianne L

  4. Hang on, I live in the UK, I'm a Barry M freak and even *I* don't have that colour!! You must be magical, hehe. I'm going to have to hunt this down now!

  5. It definitely reminds me of swatches I've seen of Splash of Grenadine. I'm in the US and have never seen Barry M except on blogs. I'm currently wearing CG's Glittering Garland, but will remove it tonight to return to something I can put under my new obsession, Essie's Shine of the Times.

  6. It looks to me, like an exact dupe of one of Barry M's other colours 'Berry Icecream' I think it's called.
    IRL it might look different, but comparing it to the varnish I've got on (Barry M- Berry Icecream), it's a dead ringer.

  7. Yeah, I have Splash of Grenadine and Boots look very similar. Currently I have on Happy Birthday! by Confetti :)

  8. So pretty!

    I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I already have the post up about it :)

  9. Very pretty! I'm a sucker for anything purpley! I have on CG Rich anf Famous w/ Devine Swine accent fingers!

  10. I love that color! Tonight I'm wearing Essie's Chinchilly. Hope you had a good weekend!