Monday, December 26, 2011

rebecca's favorite polishes of 2011 - #5

Hey everyone! I hope you guys are having as much fun reading this series as I am having writing it.
Today we get into the best of the best - the top five.
I knew from the beginning what the top 5 polishes would be, but I wasn't certain on the order. It was super difficult to decide which positions the polishes would fall in!
I think I got it right.

Without further ado, here is number 5.

OPI - Skull & Glossbones is my #5 favorite polish of 2011.
This one is from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection which came out back in May.

Originally I only had the mini of this one but I recently had to buy a full size because I use it so much!

Skull & Glossbones is a beige. Plain and simple, a beige. Maybe a gray-beige. Greige.
But the most flattering beige ever.
There has been a trend this year with nude polishes and I think that this shade is the best out of all of them. Some people like go to for more skin-toned nudes, but this one is just stark enough that yes, you're clearly wearing nail polish, but it is neutral and subtle and clean looking.

I'm practically as pale as pale gets (translucent, if you will) and this looks great on me so it might not look quite the same if your skin is darker (or, you know, if your skin has any pigment at all.)

And for some foolish reason I think this color looks great with my hair.

I took that picture back in May and my hair is not exactly that color anymore but I still dig it.
Am I crazy to think that a polish goes good with my hair? No? Didn't think so.

As I began to say earlier, when it comes to the polishes I have used most frequently in the last year, this one is probably the frontrunner. I have used this in so many manicures and it always looks great.

I used it for these paisley nails.

I used it for these book-inspired nails. (I got this book for Christmas! Yay!)

I used it for my popular snake skin nails. (Ew, don't let me grow my nails that long again...)

There were more manis involving this polish but I won't link them all.

I know this one will be in Kayla's favorites too - I wonder if it is her #5! Go check out her blog and see.

You need this polish.
End of story.
End of post.


  1. I never saw this as a front runner... Now you have me wondering if I should track it down... ;)

  2. great color perfect background for any design

  3. Oh! lovely color! and your hair color in this pic is amazing!

  4. waow! amazing colors! I love the skull glossbone one, and the snake skin too! great job!

  5. The paisley nails are awesome! I never would have thought of that sort of pattern. I don't have Skull & Glossbones yet, just Stranger Tides, but it's one of my favorites. Skull & Glossbones goes on the list ...

  6. This really looks great on you! And I think it looks great with your hair too ;0). I love that color you had, gorgeous.

  7. Haha your nails do look great with your hair. Pretty color (nails and hair) :)

  8. Great choices! I'm going to need to go shopping! lol...

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