Wednesday, December 14, 2011

OPI DS Original + stamping!

Good morning everyone, quick post for you today before I begin studying for my last exam of the semester!

I've posted about OPI - DS Original once already (here) but it deserves more pictures!
This is 2 coats of Original over 2 coats of China Glaze - Gamer Glam which is the perfect underwear for Original.

I added a little bit of stamping as an accent nail - can't cover up too much of the holo!
The image is from Konad m64 and I stamped with Wet N Wild Black Creme. I also added a 3mm rhinestone!

DS Original is one of my favorite polishes ever. It's just so pretty!

Speaking of favorite polishes, I'm soon going to be posting a list of my top 10 favorite polishes of 2011.
So far I have it narrowed down to about 20... Haha. Too many good polishes were released this year!
Help me decide! What are your favorite polishes from 2011?


  1. It's gorgeous! I wish I could find it somewhere in Hong Kong! Definitely love the stamping as well :)
    Favourite polishes from 2011 are the China Glaze spring collection and Zoya's fall! :D

  2. Amazing, girl. Just amazing! Great stamping to accent as well!

  3. i read the title of this post and thought "she's gonna stamp over DS???" haha. this, however, looks Amazing! and love the rhinestone accent too. great image choice too, since it really lets the base color shine thru. :)

  4. SO PRETTY. I freaking love your accent nail. :)

  5. this is gorgeous, need to try this myself. lol

  6. I love that color! And the accent nail, so cute :)

  7. I absolutely adore this! Did you get DS Original a while ago or were you able to find it online? I'm also Canadian and it's so hard to find holographic beauties like this!

  8. @Julie - I got it on eBay a few months ago! every now and then you can find it for an okay price. i paid $23 shipped which is not awful considering new DS polishes can be $14.99 retail in canada, plus tax.

  9. Ooohhh this is so, SO pretty! I love the rhinestone. Do you attach them with nail glue or just top coat?

  10. @aimeeus - i set them into a small amount of topcoat, let it dry a little, and then paint another coat over the whole nail. it really sticks them on good!

  11. Wish I could get my hands on these polishes! :P It's gorgeous! I like the accent nail as well!

    My favorite polish of 2011? I like a lot from China Glaze's Metro Collection, but I can't pick just one.

    I also wanted to let you know I tagged you for The Nail Polish Tag :) You don't have to do anything with it if you don't do that kind of stuff on here :P

  12. Soooo pretty! I still haven't worn my DS Original! It looks so pretty on your nails!

  13. I think this is the sort of stamping that I should start out doing. Just an accent nail, and then more as I get better at it. :) Very pretty!


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