Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Born Pretty - Fimo Review!

Hi everyone! Look at the cool stuff I have to show you today!
Born Pretty generously sent me this fimo set to review.

As you can see, it comes with 100 canes, 2 empty wheels to put your fimo in, as well as some super glue and blades for cutting the canes.

I prefer to use topcoat to adhere the fimo to my nails but you can also use fimo for things like decorating cellphones or other trinkets or even scrapbooking! You could use the superglue in those cases.
(However I really like the super glue for making nail polish jewelery!)

I wanted to show you all the fimo you get so I took pictures:

So many cute ones! I especially love the hibiscus flowers, the fruit, and of course the cupcakes!

Another cute one is the watermelon because you can use them whole or cut them lengthwise to make half slices!

I cut up one entire cane to show you how many pieces you get from one cane.

A whole lot!
But it does take some practice to cut the pieces the right size - you will make some mistakes!

But you make more good ones than mistakes. You get the hang of it!

You have to practice cutting them thin so they will lie more flat on the nail.

One cane makes so many that they totally fill a compartment in the wheel!

Now I'm going to show you some looks I did with this fimo!

Fruit fimo manis are some of the most popular! They are super cute, especially in the summer.
(Polish color - Orly Frolic)

I love the pink grapefruit one!

This is a mani I did that is more winter-appropriate! This snowflake fimo is really cute. I got a lot of compliments on it!
(Polish colors - Zoya Neeka with a glitter franken)

The fimo pieces do stick off of your nail a bit depending on how thick you cut them but you can mostly flatten them with a few coats of topcoat.

Here is the link to this item on Born Pretty.
As always, they ship for free, world wide!
And don't forget, you can still get 10% off anything with my code RCJ61! It's only valid until the end of the month so if you are thinking about buying something, now is the time!

(As well - their stamping plates are all on sale for $1.55! You can't use the discount code on the special priced items but $1.55 is a steal! They have dupes of a bunch of the best Konad plates. I bought 7...)

Tomorrow I am starting an exciting posting series! I decided on my top 10 polishes of 2011. Stay tuned tomorrow for #10!


  1. WOW!! These fimos are awesome! Great review!

  2. Very cute!! I just got some complimentary rhinestones from BP that I need to test drive! :D

  3. I really want to try these. I saw them on Bundlemonster too. So cute.

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