Wednesday, January 25, 2012

China Glaze - Martini Pedicure

Good morning! Today I have a great polish to show you. I picked up this baby from a blog sale because the ones on eBay were more expensive than I would like. (Sadly the bottle I bought was not full but I got it for like $5 shipped so I can deal.)
This is now one of my favorite polishes!

China Glaze - Martini Pedicure
Ah yes, another oldie-but-goodie from China Glaze.

I really think Martini Pedicure and Tequila Toes were some of the best collections that China Glaze released. I've got five polishes from the two collections - No Way Jose, 100 Proof Pink, Drinkin' My Blues Away, Shaken Not Stirred, and of course, Martini Pedicure.
(I'd still like Martini Lunch & Sass In A Glass & On The Rocks & It's 5 O'clock Somewhere... Currently accepting donations of them... Ha!)

This is a turquoisey-blue glassfleck shimmer polish, again with that white-silver shimmer that most of the polishes from these collections have.
This one is a bit sheer, I think this is 4 coats. I don't care about doing 4 coats when it's this pretty.

This is too cute. I wish I had a backup. Or at least a full bottle... Ha!

Enlarge that last photo. You should see it up close.

Do you have any of these old school CG polishes? Know of any that I should have but don't? :)