Thursday, January 5, 2012

Glitter Gal - Red Sparkle, Orange Sparkle, Dark Brown Sparkle

I am loving these Glitter Gal posts. I hope you guys are too!
Today I have three more of the sparkle shades to show you and I will warn you - two of them are totally swoon-worthy. (And the other one might be for you, if you like orange.)

Keep reading at your own risk! I'm starting this post with a bang!

Glitter Gal - Red Sparkle
This is just pure gorgeous. It's basically alive with glittery goodness.

Remember you can click on all of those photos to enlarge them and see the details. I totally recommend it.
This is 2 perfect coats, completely smooth before topcoat, and as with most of the Glitter Gals I didn't even have to do any clean up.
I'm not even a red person but this is just fantastic!

Again, Glitter Gals require no special base coat to apply them and topcoat does not dull them.

Are you drooling yet?
I'll show the the orange that I don't like now and save the other amazing one for last!

Glitter Gal - Orange Sparkle
This is an orange foil with a slight coral hue to it, with holo glitter mixed in. This fits in more with the metallic ones I posted yesterday than it does with the other two today.

I'm just not an orange lover so this one doesn't turn me on.
The formula is of course, amazing, and it covers in 2 coats.

Orange lovers, eat your heart out!

Last but not least...

Glitter Gal - Dark Brown Sparkle
A beautiful, beautiful brown. Not often do we come across beautiful browns!

It's stunning. I don't think any other brown could ever be this amazing. Enlarge those photos!
This was another 2-coater with zero application problems.

I never thought I would love a brown. But now I do. Seriously!

And really - I am not just raving about these polishes because I received them to review. They are truly amazing polishes and I now know that they are worth the price!

We have 5 more 3D/Holos to see and one more Sparkle... Are you sick of them yet? Of course not!


  1. Not sick of them in the least! :D Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  2. They look amazing! How could we ever get sick of seeing such glittery and holo goodness?! Looking forward to the next post! :)

  3. Brown! Wow! That one is particularly awesome. You're right - the amount of good brown polishes we see are few and far between! Glitter Gal really does wonderful things with their polishes. Droooool.

  4. Dark Brown Sparkle!!! Definitely drooling.

  5. That red...swoon. Loving that brown too. Wow.


  6. Ah the brown one! NICEY NICE. <3

  7. I started following you when you started swatching these polishes and I'm sooooo glad! Something about glittery brown polish does it for me. Adding that to my wishlist!

  8. the red holo and the red sparkle are my favourite of theirs. Am i the only one cursing how awesome that brown would have been for Christmas manis lol ? xx

  9. totally wishlisted red sparkle. i love their polishes even tho they're $$ and small. worth it

  10. Oh the red and brown! I want them!!!

  11. yep-- definitely want brown and red!! Gorgeous swatches!! :)

  12. Holy red glitter batman! That red sparkle is so beautiful is makes me want to cry.

  13. I am loving the red and dark brown!!! GORGEOUS!

  14. The dark brown sparkle is so beautiful ! c:

  15. askljdof that red looks soo good...nomnomnom

  16. Gorgeous! Which topcoat are you using?

    1. these photos are all before topcoat but i use SV with my GG ;)

    2. Did you find that the holo glass shards disappeared under the top coat? I've tried a multitude of top coats with my Type O/Red Sparkle and while beautiful, keep losing the holo glass shards. I'd really like to preserve them. Maybe I got a dud bottle?

    3. Hmm... I haven't worn Red Sparkle yet besides for this swatch. When I get back from Vacation I will try it with topcoat and let you know!!