Monday, January 2, 2012

Glitter Gal - Blue 3D/Holo, Marine Blue 3D/Holo, Dark Purple 3D/Holo

Hey everyone! And so begins the Glitter Gal spam...

As I mentioned before, the lovely and generous Llarowe has picked me to be one of the swatchers for her website. What that means is, I will receive every Glitter Gal polish, swatch them for the website, and also get to post them here for your viewing pleasure!

Yesterday I swatched the 18 Glitter Gal polishes that I currently have, and I showed some preview pictures to friends on Facebook and let's just say, a lot of lemmings were created!
I apologize in advance for all the drooling you're going to do for the next few days.

I've decided to split up my polishes into sets of 3. Today I'm going to be showing you two blues and my favorite of the first 18 I received, the purple!

Let's start with purple. Prepare to add this to your wishlist...

Glitter Gal - Dark Purple 3D/Holo
This is officially the most beautiful holographic polish I own. Hands down!

The holo in these polishes is beyond amazing. It's different from other things like the OPI Designer Series, and different from China Glaze OMG or Kaleidoscope. It's so pretty and sparkly and the rainbow is intense.
And the colors are so saturated! That's what I love the most. Sometimes the addition of holographic pigment can dull the intensity of a color but these are not dulled at all. All of the colors are so vibrant!

Not only are these amazing to look at, but they are amazing to apply.
Out of the 18 that I swatched, there were only two that required any clean up after applying.
They basically apply themselves. The brush is great. The formula is great.
This is 3 coats for total saturation. The coats don't drag each other and you don't need special base coat.
Could it be more awesome?

If there is one polish you get from Glitter Gal, I think it should be this one. No question.

Can you believe I still have two more polishes for this one post? Let's keep going...

Glitter Gal - Blue 3D/Holo
This is a bright blue holo, again with a flawless formula. 3 coats for full vibrancy.

Again the vibrancy of the base color combined with the intensity of the holo just blows my mind.

I could look at these pictures all day long. Are you drooling yet? Are you on your way to Llarowe to buy them? Haha!

Glitter Gal - Marine Blue 3D/Holo
Amazing! I'd call this a royal blue, again ridiculously vibrant and super holographic.

The formula is inky and so pigmented, you can get away with 2 coats for this one. Again, applies like a total dream.

Blue lovers, this is a must-have. Just like the purple is a must-have for purple fanatics like me!

Was this too much awesome for one post? Nah.
More Glitter Gals coming at you every day this week! :)


  1. I just ordered Dark Purple a few days ago...Lucky me! :D

  2. That dark purple holo is AMAZING! Ack! I can't keep going broke buying holos!

  3. Gorgeous, let the drooling commence!! The Marine holo is my favorite so far, can't wait to see the rest :)

  4. Hi, here in Brazil, Glitter Gal is very pop. The polishes are so daring & dazzling! Yeah, the rainbow is stunning!
    Rock Ur Outfit

  5. aaaaaaaaaaw love this!!! so so pretty!

    i like the first one the best best best.-)!!!

  6. I have the blue coming to me when Llarowe sends my polishes I ordered. But now I need the PURPLE (OMG!) and the Marine Blue is super intense!

  7. *swoon*
    Glitter Gal, could you BE any more perfect? I am sososo glad I ordered Dark Purple and Marine Blue the other day! Now I'm all antsy to get them!

  8. I LOVE the new background of your blog! <3
    Could you do a comparison between Ds original and this purple holo? thanks!


  9. wow, you swatched a lot of polishes at the same time! :D
    Deep purple is also my fav' from GG!

  10. i like the new background and title

  11. I am beyond jealous that you have all these holos!!! Must buy!

  12. Gah!!!! I... Hmmm... I hear my wallet crying.

  13. Love the purple! Thats gorgeous.

  14. Holy crap, you are one lucky bissh hahaha I'm so jealous. Nice swatches!