Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zoya Feel Collection - swatches and review

Good evening! Today I'm going to show you the entire Zoya Feel collection. I meant to post this way earlier today but I ended up having to go to school earlier than expected and then I spent some time in the ER... But I am here now to post!

You've probably seen these before, but you haven't seen them here... So here they are.
Annnnnnd I have 4 pictures of each one because they're so pretty.

I'm going to put this post after a pagebreak so I don't clog up my front page!

Zoya - Avery
This is a perfect nude color. Like foundation. I adore this. The problem is... I don't own it. I borrowed this and Kennedy from Kayla because we ordered together and it came to my house and she let me swatch them.
And now I really regret not buying this because it's so lovely!
I might have to get it. 
This is 2 coats - all of these polishes need 2 coats for perfect coverage. The formula is amazing. A+.

Zoya - Kennedy
Another nudey shade, this one is more pink toned. Again I love this and I should have my own bottle, dammit.

Zoya - Kristen
I just love cremes. This is 2 coats of dusty cornflower blue prettiness. It's like... modern while not being too in your face. I'm a fan.

Zoya - Carey
This is the true gray of the collection although it can look sort of blue-toned. I like this but I probably didn't need it because a gray is a gray and I have a few.

Zoya - Megan
This one looks really different in different lights as you can see from my first photo, but the other photos are more accurate. Zoya calls this a "taupe gray cream" but this is clearly purple-toned. Gray-lilac.

Zoya - Kendal
Another gray-lilac. Definitely didn't need this and Megan. Also, Essence's Dress For A Moment is pretty much a dupe. 

I thought these colors would be more unique than they are. I'm still happy to have the 4 I do because the colors are beautiful and the formulas are amazing, but I'm just not as crazy about most of them as I thought I would be. I'm crazy about Kristen but I could take or leave the others.
And the two I didn't get? Love those ones. Apparently I made poor choices. Ha!


  1. these are so pretty, i love the first one

  2. These are lovely swatches! The only one I have is Kristen, which I really like, but I don't feel like I need any of the others — I guess I'm just more into bright and sparkly polishes!

  3. I like Avery and Kristin on you best. Will be eager to see the next batch of swatches.

  4. So happy I picked up Avery in the most recent Zoya promo, it looks lovely on you. In the ER, uh oh! I hope everything's okay!

  5. ER? Gosh I hope everything's ok! I'm so in love with this collection! I've been wanting Kristen, especially, forever! I'm so glad my friend was able to get most of these during the recent Zoya promo, can't wait to have them!

  6. I ordered Kristen (which I am excited about) and Kendal (which I am not so sure about now). These colors all look great with your skin!
    Jenny from

  7. These are gorgeous swatches Rebecca! I have three of them coming my way!