Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Glitter Gal - Lizard Belly 3D/Holo, Frappe 3D/Holo, Light As A Feather 3D/Holo

Hey everyone! Are you ready to see some more Glitter Gal swatches?
I know you must have loved them yesterday... Both Purple and Marine Blue went out of stock on Llarowe!

Today I'm going to post the three shades Glitter Gal released earlier this year. I'm not sure if the collection had a name or anything, but these three shades were a major hit within the polish community!
Let's see if any of these three lovelies will be out of stock by the end of the day...

Glitter Gal - Lizard Belly 3D/Holo
I have to admit, I did not understand the hype for this polish... Until it touched my nails.

When seeing other swatches, I really thought that this was basically black and there was no need to own it if you had a black holo already. But this is actually so green in person! I think my photos capture the deep green accurately.

The formula on this is ridiculously awesome, it covers perfect in 2 thin coats or maybe one thick one if that's how you roll.

Again, with Glitter Gal there is no need for special base coat and each coat of polish applies easily and without dragging.

I really love this. A lot. The fact that it is so dark yet still so holographic is awesome!

The other two from this collection are lighter.

Glitter Gal - Frappe 3D/Holo
This one is basically girly holographic perfection. This one is my other favorite (along with Dark Purple from yesterday) out of the 18 I have at the moment. 

This is a purple-toned pink base with the awesome holo I have now come to expect from Glitter Gal!
This one needs three coats for the best coverage and again it applies flawlessly.

Don't those last 2 pictures make you want to run to Llarowe and buy this?
It's just too cute!

Glitter Gal - Light As A Feather 3D/Holo
This one is a very light gray color with a more subtle holo.

The formula on this one is not as amazing as it is on the others, because of the color. You need to be more careful to avoid bald spots but it is still easy to apply. You need 3 coats to cover fully and even then it can be a bit translucent.
It helps to layer this over a milky basecoat or a white just to give that extra bit of opacity.

It's so pretty and delicate. Definitely a work-appropriate holo polish (if such a thing really exists!)
I can totally see why these three shades were really popular! I consider them all must-haves!

If some of the polishes you want are out of stock, don't worry. A new Glitter Gal shipment is on the way to Llarowe and they should be available soon!


  1. Man, I want these so bad! But right now I can't justify spending $16 on such a tiny polish. The holo particles are expensive, I know, but blah. My wallet hurts.

  2. amazing photos!!!! Im glad I already have them - =D
    Cant wait to see whats coming next

  3. Luv the first Lizard Belly, it's simply perfect!

  4. One day I'm hoping to get my hand on some Glitter Gal's. From these pictures, I especially love Lizard Belly and Light As A Feather. But then again Frappe is gorgeous too. It's so hard to choose a favorite!

  5. You know I was just thinking the other day that I have a nice size collection with a lot of diversity. And I can't really afford to spend this year like I did last year.

    BUT I am lacking holographic polishes. Now I have a lot saving to do...

  6. Love Light as a Feather. It's one of the polishes on my wish list.

  7. I am gonna ask my boyfriend to buy some of these for me...it's not hoarding if someone else buys it for you right?

  8. I love these a lot! I need to find a UK glitter gal stockist. I'm really liking your new blog design!

  9. So pretty! I like Lizard Belly, and Light As A Feather!

  10. wonderful review! photos are so great. Love these =)

  11. Holographic's are my favourite type of nail polish, frappe look's so pretty!

    I became a u.k stockist of Glitter Gal a few month's ago including the holo's and the new collection- would love if you took a look :)


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