Thursday, January 12, 2012

Essence Colour & Go - Swatch Spam!

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to show you a bunch of cute little polishes from Essence.

Essence is mostly found over in Europe, and I have a few of their polishes from swaps.
However, their Colour & Go line is also found at Ulta in the states! For 99 cents each. Yes.

(You may be saying: "But Rebecca! They are only 5mL!" Yes, they are 5mL. But for 99 cents, you can buy three and have a full-size amount for $3. Still cheaper than most brands.)

I recently swapped with a friend in the states, Marcy, and told her to get me whatever she could that wasn't yellow or orange! Haha!
She sent me 7 pretties (including a freaking beautiful one) and I will show you those today, along with pictures of the ones I've shown before.

Old ones first, new ones after.
(This will also show you how much better I have gotten at swatching....)

Essence - Movie Star
This is a nice gray creme which I've shown previously here. 2 coats for full coverage!

Essence - Choose Me!
Yes, you should choose this one. Originally posted about this here.
Beautiful green/blue/turquoise/teal glassfleck prettiness. Lots of dupes for this one, as I'm sure you know!
Love this one. 3 coats.

Essence - Where Is The Party?
No me gusta. I do not like this. Purple/gray/greenish duochrome. Not my thang. Previously posted about here.

Essence - No More Drama
Lavender creme, darker than the usual lavender we see. 2 coats full coverage as is the norm for the cremes.
Previously posted about here.

Essence - Can't Cheat On Me
This is a subtle holographic silver polish, takes 3 coats for opacity but looks even better layered or in a gradient, like how I showed you it here.

Now for my new ones, thus prettier swatches!

Essence - Dress For A Moment
I love this one, a faded lilac creme, 2 coats. Reminds me of one of the new Zoya Feel colors. Kendal I think. (I'll be posting swatches of that collection sometime in the next few days!)

Essence - Lime Up!
Bright yellow-green creme, again 2 coats. Pretty sure this is a dupe for the new OPI Nicki Minaj polish called Did It On 'Em. I'll have that soon and can compare.
Also dupey for OPI Who The Shrek Are You?
Not sure which is closer...

Essence - Let's Get Lost
This is a beautiful cyan blue 2-coat creme. I think this could be a dupe for the blue Nicki Minaj polish, Fly! We'll soon see.

Essence - Sweet As Candy
This is a sheer pink shade meant to enhance the look of your natural nail or cover stains, etc. I applied three thick coats to show the color but you would want thinner ones to actually wear this.
I was looking for a shade like this to cover my stains and allow me to wear french manicures if I want to!

Essence - Just Rock It!
This is a navy blue creme, 2 coater. I love navy so I love this! This one leaked in shipping so I lost some but that's okay because it's basically identical to China Glaze First Mate. First Mate might be a bit dustier.

Essence - You Belong To Me
Love love love this one. Light mint color, hint of blue. 2 coats. Lovely.

Now for the ultra-amazing, you-need-to-own-this, purple polish...

Essence - Break Through
Okay. I'm not even going to say anything because you have eyes and are clearly seeing how great this is.

I can't handle it. Perfect purple creme with subtle bronzey-gold shimmer. Almost a one-coater.
I think I need a backup... Or two...
After putting this baby on, I layered something great over it, and I'm going to show you that tomorrow!

There you have it! All my Colour & Go polishes in one place.
I wish I had more! Especially some of their new collection (which is Euro-only, for now at least.) It has Lippmann dupes! If only I wasn't on a low-buy...


  1. I really like Essence's polishes - unfortunately they're not available in Denmark either. I was in Hungary recently, and stocked up on Essences!! Check this post: if you're interested. :D
    I *love* the purple, but didn't see that one when I was there. :/ Argh! :D

  2. Ok.....I love these little polishes!! Everytime I see them, I always look through them hoping to find a color I haven't seen before. Last time I got one I picked up a color called Hard to Resist that is gorgeous (did a blog post about it about a week ago), it's navy with teal shimmer!

    I don't think I've seen Break Through, so will hunt that one down, I LOVE anything with gold shimmer in it!

    And I highly recommend Irreplaceable! It's one of my all time favorite colors! That is if you like nudes with heavy gold shimmer!

  3. I looove Essence polishes! They're great for such a low price, and like you said, even if they're only 5 mL, it still averages out to less than most companies. I absolutely ADORE 'You Belong To Me,' it's the exact shade of Essie's Mint Candy Apple, but the blue-er version. I hope that made sense, haha. And I second the Irreplaceable suggestion, that color is awesome :) Thanks for the swatches, they were great, as always :)

  4. I also have choose me and break Through. Simply amazing. Got them I Berlin, where I spend some of the holidays. Could have gone crazy, buying essence. So cheap! But I only got 6, and a stamping plate ;)

  5. These look great. Choose Me, I choose you alright, lol.

  6. Hmm, that's funny ...every single one of those polishes is already discontinued over here. At least in Germany they are.
    In march there will be lots of new colors in stock while others have to leave the stores. I am so curious about the new stuff ... rumour has it that there will be a dupe to the Nubar 2010 :D

  7. Oh I love Essence polishes and buy them often. Thanks for the swatches! By the way, I just gave you the Kreative Blogger Award. Check my latest post for more info. Congrats!

  8. love Break Through!

  9. Aw, too bad you're not into Where Is The Party - it's amazing! It's been a lemming of mine for a while. And Break Through is, man. Gorgeous!

  10. I'm surprised you don't have more! You need MORE! <3

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  11. I'm always picking up essence polishes here in ireland they're in loads of shops (maybe four just in my town) and they're just so affordable you can't help but buy them!

  12. I'm in love with no more drama, and just rock it! that navy color is just soo pretty. Where do you buy your essence polish?

    1. Essence is sold in Europe as well as at Ulta in the states!

  13. "Let's Get Lost" looks alot like Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. I might have to pick it up as a backup since all the drugstores near me are out of the Sally Hansen.

  14. I just LOVE Essence's colour & go polishes. Cheap, good quality, with a great variety and a good finish. Specially love Dress for a moment and Lime Up! I'm in love with my latest essence's called Gleam in blue... shimmery and beautiful! I recommend you to haul it asap :D

  15. I'm not the biggest fan from the Colour & Go polishes. Most of them aren't really my color. I did start to fall in love with Blue Addicted, a Deborah Lippmann dupe. I hope that one isn't going to be discontinued. From the polishes you swatched here, I have 3. I love my Sweet As Candy! But mine got thick and goopy and is pretty much not use able anymore :P
    The new Essence (and Catrice) collections are out in a few weeks and I can't wait to get some polishes that look very interesting :)

  16. Just bought 3 of these at ULTA today, total price of $3.50 (one was 50% off). The only one you haven't swatched was the disappointment, a pretty pink hued iridescent glitter is pretty much colorless on the nails themselves, and I already have 3 similar glitters. :( I am pretty happy with all the others, the three purples that you have in your post. For me, Where's the Party looks more grey than purple, but that's not a color I have so it's all good.