Saturday, January 21, 2012

Color Club - Backstage Pass Collection - swatches and review

Hey everyone! Time for one of my favorite kinds of posts - a Color Club collection.
I'm really happy with my photos for this collection and I hope you like them too!

This is the Backstage Pass Collection which consists of 6 glitter shades and a topcoat.
I found this set at Winners and I was really happy to find it because I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be showing up in the discount stores. The set even has the salon bottles which means it has labels, too!

I decided to layer these mostly over neutral shades to show off the glitter best.
Let's get to it!

Color Club - Take The Stage (over Zoya Carey)
This polish is small gold hex glitter with these strange holographic glitter shards. Shards is the best way to describe them. You could say flakes but flakes aren't so jagged. They are strange, but I do like them. Two polishes from this collection have them and I'm pretty sure Color Club's spring collection has a polish that is just made of these!
The shards are cool but they obviously stick off the nail and don't lie flat. And look at the size of the one on my middle finger!
The gold glitter spreads really nicely though, overall this is cute and I like it! One coat (and some fiddling to get a shard on every nail.)

Color Club - Wish Upon A Rock-Star (over Zoya Kennedy)
This is yet another multi-colored glittter polish. There are so many of these now, but as far as multi-colored glitter goes, this one is pretty cool. I like how most of the glitter is all small and brightly colored but then there are also the large purple hex glitters. It's a nice mix, I like the way it looks. This is one coat, it spreads well.

Color Club - Backstage Pass (over Zoya Dove)
This is where the collection takes a turn for the worse - and we are met with these extraordinarily difficult to apply polishes.
I really like the look of this polish once you get the glitters to spread nicely (really, really like it) but man, it's a chore to get them to spread! They really like to clump together - I'll show you what I mean in a minute with the other polish like this one.
Backstage Pass has silver, fuchsia, and lavender hex glitter in a clear base.
I bet this would look awesome if you arranged the glitter to cover the whole nail like I have done with Milani Gold before. I need to try that sometime. Maybe tonight even...

Color Club - Platinum Record (over Zoya Avery)
This one isn't hard to apply, but it isn't mega original. It still gives a great look though!
There are three sizes of silver hex glitter. Color Club duped themselves with this one though - Orna-Minted from the Scent-Suous collection is exactly like this one, but scented.
As well I think Essie released one a lot like it this season.
This is one coat, spreads well.

Color Club - It's A Hit! (over Zoya Marley)
Okay, this ain't a hit. This is definitely the hardest to apply. Harder than Backstage Pass. It's just the lavender hexes in a clear base. The look of this one doesn't impress me too much either. Maybe over a different base color it would be better.

Here's the application problem I had with It's A Hit! and Backstage Pass:

When you apply it, the glitters all clump together. And then you have to spread them, which is not easy, and you can end up smearing your base color if you do it too much.

Color Club - Fame & Fortune (over Zoya Lo)
This is the other with the holo shards, and I didn't layer over a neutral because this is the only one with a tinted base. You can build this up on its own but I don't like visible nail line so I layered it over Lo (my new favorite pink which I will show you soon in some Zoya-spam) to make it pop more.
This is cute and really different but I'm not quite sure if I will reach for it anytime soon. 

Overall, this collection is... Good. 
I have a hard time loving the collection as a whole because of the two that are so hard to apply, and because of the silver and rainbow glitters and their unoriginality. 
That being said, the polishes all look great in the end if you don't mind a little fiddling, and if you don't already have a silver or rainbow glitter, these would be perfect for you. And the two with the holo shards are something we haven't seen before so that's cool too. Also I like the theme of the collection.

Despite the application issues, Backstage Pass is my favorite of the collection because it looks so damn cool when you've got it spread out.

Have you tried out this collection? What's your favorite?


  1. OMG!! This looks like an amazing collection! I'd love to add it to my own! Thanks for sharing~I loveee glitters like this.

  2. these look great! i love Wish Upon A Rock-Star!!

  3. I have some of these, but the big glitters are kind of difficult. Great effect though, so it was worth it!

  4. I don't have this collection im waiting for it to show up at Ross, I like it though very nice glitters.

  5. I love them all! Your nails are perfect.

  6. I love your layering combo for Fame & Fortune. Tried that out on its on myself to no good end. I will definitely try it over a pink base next. Something needs to deal with the uneven color you can get with that colored base.

  7. I need Color Club - Wish Upon A Rock-Star!!!