Saturday, January 7, 2012

Glitter Gal - Silver 3D/Holo, Green 3D/Holo, Red 3D/Holo

Hey everyone! We have reached the final day of Glitter Gal swatches! For now, anyway.
Eventually I will be receiving the rest of these babies from Llarowe and another swatch marathon will commence!

For the last post I saved some of the 3D/Holos - the silver, green, and red.

First I'm going to show you the silver!

Glitter Gal - Silver 3D/Holo
This is just awesome. The effect is amazing! It's unlike any other silver holo I have because it isn't like a silver foil that is holo, it is just pure holographic pigment so it is sparkly and super holo and amazing.

If you're looking for a silver holo, this is the one you should get in my opinion.
Nfu-Oh, Make Up Store and Gosh have great silver holos - but you need special base coat, too.
China Glaze's OMG is nice but not near as holographic.

This one does take 3 coats for full coverage but it is worth it.

Love. There is another major selling point of this polish though...
Do you wish you had more holographic polishes? Find it impossible to spend a bunch of money on a bunch of holos? This polish is your solution.
Watch what happens when you layer one coat of Silver 3D/Holo over other polishes.

Holo Orly Frolic anyone? This is my absolute favorite combo.

How about holo China Glaze Shower Together?

Holo China Glaze Rich and Famous is also a stunner.

Holo Orly Halley's Comet? Yes please.

This polish can turn any other polish into an amazing holo without changing the base color, and the effect is so strong. It's amazing!
Are you sold yet? Thought so.

Glitter Gal - Green 3D/Holo
This is a light seafoam green holo with basically the exact consistency of the silver one.
You could also layer this over other polishes for the holographic topcoat effect but it would give more of a green hue, of course.

As always the formula is a total dream and I had no application issues despite doing three coats. The formula on these really could not be better.

Ready for the last one?

Glitter Gal - Red 3D/Holo
Red lovers, are you seeing this? Actually this one is so beautiful it isn't even just for red lovers.

This one is just amazing. The red is so saturated and bright, and it sort of does something different to the holo effect. Do you see how the violet colors in the rainbow really stand out? It's such a cool look!
This is 3 coats for the brightest red but you could probably get away with two.

Okay, that's it!

I apologize for all the lemmings I may have created with all my Glitter Gal swatches. But take my word for it - they are worth every penny!
I can't wait to get the rest of them and keep showing you more and more awesome polishes.
As always you can pick up any of the Glitter Gal polishes at Llarowe and if the ones you want aren't in stock, they should be shortly. 

(P.S. Is it too late to post holiday manicures? I just realized I did two that I didn't post!)


  1. They all look soo amazing! I wish I had them! You've definitely created some lemmings for me.

  2. OMG these Holos are super cool!

  3. Oh WOW! Simply WOW!! That red one is soooo amazing!
    And no - I'd say it's not too late for holiday manis! :)

  4. That red holo is amazing. Thank you for the swatches!

  5. O-M-G!! Holo! I'm drooling...I'm in love. I NEED THAT ASAP!!! Truly amazing <3

  6. Wow I really love both of them.

  7. Red is already on my list. So pretty!!

  8. Grrr...I wished they'd stock Glitter Gal here..
    ...>_<... -is annoyed-

  9. @Sunshine - llarowe ships internationally! :)

  10. I love that you can layer the silver holo! I've been considering Hits Hefesto for this exact purpose!

  11. oh wow. I just ordered Glitter Gal Blue holo. maybe I need this though so I can turn any polish into a holo, and never lemm another holo again. BUT that probably won't happen

  12. I HAD to buy the red and silver based on this review. You're a danger to my wallet, Missy :)

  13. Amanda, me too! But with the Glitter Gal bottles being larger, this is way better!

  14. I need to get my hands on the green and red glitter gal - they're the only 2 left on my list! Gorgeous!

  15. y don't u upload new pic & style?

  16. y don't u upload new pic & style?

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