Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glitter Gal - Bronze Sparkle, Yellow Gold Sparkle, White Gold Sparkle

Back again with more Glitter Gal swatches! I hope you aren't sick of them yet because after today we are just half way through. (And there will be more to come in a few weeks!)

Today I'm going to show you three shades from Glitter Gal that I had not seen until they were in my hands.
Three of the sparkle shades! Metallic ones.

Glitter Gal - Bronze Sparkle
This is a pretty bronze foil filled with holographic particles! It's cool how it is a holo-foil.

This polish dries completely smooth and it covers great in just 2 coats!

I really like this one! I only own one other bronze polish so it's pretty unique.
The sparkle polishes don't get as much attention as the 3D/Holos, but they really are great too! Some of the ones I'll show you another day are beyond amazing.

Glitter Gal - Yellow Gold Sparkle
This one is a similar formula to the last but the holo doesn't show up quite as well. 2 coats.

This one reminds me a little of Milani - 3D but this is a lighter gold and has no big glitter. The gold tone of this one is more flattering than the Milani.

This one is pretty. If you don't have a gold foil already, why not get one that is holo?

Glitter Gal - White Gold SparkleI love this one! Really sparkly.

Look at all that holo sparklin'. This one has the most holographic particles out of all three metallic sparkles and this one is my favorite!
It again covers well in two coats and the finish is totally smooth.

If you pick up any of these metallic sparkle shades from Glitter Gal, my pick would be White Gold Sparkle!

Three days of Glitter Gal down, three to go! I might break it up with a different post tomorrow. We'll see!


  1. I am so glad to see that your favorite, and the one with the most holo is the first and only Glitter Gal I have! I can't wait to wear it now!! Now to stop drooling over the Dark Purple Holo... :)

  2. Bronze Sparkle and White Gold Sparkle are my favorites. So pretty!!

  3. That bronze is really something! I can't think of anything I have like it, and I have lots and lots of glitters.

  4. The bronze one is definitely my favorite out of the three you swatched. Not a huge fan of the yellow gold one but the white gold one is very pretty!

  5. Man, I'm hungry and these swatches are making me hungrier! So pretty!

  6. I like these! All three colors are unique shades! However, the other holographics are a little more amazing....

  7. I'm just "meh" about these, I'm not a big fan of gold polish though. It doesn't really flatter my skin tone.

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