Tuesday, January 17, 2012

badass pink leopard mani

Yes, the mani I'm going to show you today is badass.

But, before I show you it, let me answer a question dozens of you are asking me in my giveaway form.
Yes, I will make a polish-jewelery tutorial!
I'll start working on it ASAP and hopefully have it up in a few days.
(For now, check out this one from Chalkboard Nails, where she shows how she made her particular style of earring. And she sent me some for Christmas. Be jealous.)

Okay, now that that's been said, let's see this badass mani.

Here's one of the pictures you saw of this mani in my giveaway post.
(And if you haven't seen my current giveaway, check it out because you can win that ring, plus lots more!)

This mani was actually inspired by a prom dress! Prom dresses aren't usually what you would call badass... But this one is. Let me show it to you.

Yeah, did I nail it or what?
I came across this dress on a Pinterest board called Prom Dresses You Will Regret.
Sorry, board-maker, I would not regret wearing this. I want to go to a grad again just to wear it.
Maybe I should get married in it. Is this not the most Rebecca-appropriate dress you've ever seen?
(I disagree with a lot of the dresses on the board actually. I think a lot of them are amazing. I'm sorry but I have a thing for leopard print. No shame.)

You may notice that the dress has little shredded-leopard areas. And you may notice that my thumbs and ring fingers do, too. That's because I recently splurged on the Konad Q1 plate, AKA the Charming Nails plate. It couldn't have been more perfect! (I had to buy it from a Swedish webshop and spend $15 on it but it was worth it.)

The other nails were stamped from Bundle Monster BM-221.
As usual, stamping was done with Wet N Wild - Black Creme.

The dress is blingy so my nails had to be too.
The base color is Color Club - Hot Like Lava which is the perfect hot pink foil.
The sponged glitter gradient was done with Hits - 388 from the Glitter Forte line.
Then I added a coat of China Glaze - Fairy Dust for some more sparkle!


There you have it. Badass pink leopard mani. You dig it? I dig it.


  1. You def nailed it, pun partially intended. I love this! It's definitely badass. And I agree, I wouldn't have regretted wearing that dress either! :)

  2. That dress is ridic and your execution of it is beautiful especially the glitter!!

  3. currently drooling over how awesome that is.

  4. Awesome mani - so much detail. I loved the dress too. ;)

  5. Oh Gosh yeah you deffo nailed it....its spot on....excuse the puns lol

  6. Dude I wish I was in high school again so I could wear that dress!! I am in love! I also am in love with mani! I've gotta to try this out!!

  7. this is very pretty! :) amazing!

  8. awesome nails! And my prom dress what leopard print :)

  9. Love the representation of the dress on your nails. And that dress is awesome!

  10. Ha! This is great, your inspiration translated beautifully onto your nails. Wouldn't wear that dress but the nails are stunning!

  11. Oh yeah, I dig it. You definitely nailed that dress! :)

  12. Love your nails, I didn't particularly like the dress though

  13. Ohh yeah !! Perfect !!


  14. How cool... and it really looks like the dress!!!

  15. Well, that's not a dress I would wear but you did a great job :D That's a true badass manicure!

  16. Yay for leopard! I can never get enough of leopard!

  17. Wowwwww! I agree, I might actually go back to high school just so I could wear this dress to prom! And your mani is equally as awesome, love it!

  18. Wooow Cute!
    I love the glitter on the tips :)
    It really adds to the shimmer of the pink

  19. I love it! Your leopard mani rocks as always :)