Sunday, September 9, 2012

31dc2012 - day 9

Good morning! Day 9 of the 31 Day Challenge is a cheerful one - Rainbow!

I went for a sorta-drippy sorta-messy rainbow glittery look!

And I really love how it turned out! I keep surprising myself with these manis. I sit down with no real idea in mind and end up with manicures that I love. Hopefully I can continue doing that as the challenge continues.

The base color of this manicure is Orly - Decades of Dysfunction. I keep reaching for this polish because it just looks so clean and nice. It's a great nude.

The glitters are mostly 2-way nail art pens from eBay. (There was also a pink I used but that one forgot to get in the picture.) I also used Milani - Purple Gleam because I had no purple glitter pen.
The pink, purple, and orange glitters needed some help with the color opacity so I used a tiny amount of other polishes to help them show up - China Glaze - Rich and Famous, LA Girl - Dance Craze, and LA Colors - Nuclear Energy.

I used a striper brush to make the small lines and drag them up towards the tip.
You don't have to be neat because the uneven lines make the messy, drippy look.

I bet I'll get a lot of compliments on this manicure, because it is really sparkly and bright!

This would be equally as awesome if I had done complete stripes on the nail. Maybe I'll do that next September if I do the challenge again... Haha!


  1. Looks great Rebecca, love it!

  2. I really like this Rebecca! So much glitter and colour - very fun!

  3. aww, adorable, such a bright & fun mani!

  4. Decades of Dysfunction is my current fave nude as well. It's so hard to do something interesting with the rainbow theme but you've managed too- this is awesome!

  5. This is absolutely wonderful. I like the stripes of glitters it makes it so cute.

  6. Wow, they're fantastic!

    Rainbow nails is one thing I haven't tried yet, but they always look so happy and cheerful on other people. They seem really complicated though.

  7. This is awesome! Probably one of my favorite mani's I've seen in a while! I want those nail art pens now!! lol! This reminds me of those melted crayon prints you seen now.

  8. This is a Great one! I love my glitter and I love unique color combos. I love the rainbow in glitter-best of all worlds!

  9. Two of my favorite things: glitter and rainbow colors! I love this, great job!

  10. I love it!! so simple but soo cute!!

  11. I totally disagree that full-coverage stripes would be EQUALLY awesome! They would be awesome, no doubt, but these ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME. The ragged edges totally make the look.

  12. oh i love that this is just totally different x

  13. So gorgeous! I should totally try this, I have those same glitter stripers! :D

  14. I love when a manicure turns out even better than expected, and I adore this look, I will be pinning it as inspiration for later! :)

  15. These are immense!!!


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