Wednesday, September 12, 2012

31dc2012 - day 12

Good morning!
Actually, as I am writing this, it is not the morning. It is 11:23pm. But I am scheduling this post because I likely still won't have power in the morning.
That's right! The stupid storm knocked out my power, but the really great and awesome and totally superb part is that the vast majority of my street has power, but not me. Me and 2 houses to the left. My neighbor to the right? He has power. AWESOME.

More awesome? The power people have no idea when they will be able to fix it because it is such a small pocket of outage. They are responding to bigger ones. YAY.

Soooo. Here I am at my dad's store again, setting up a blog post.
(And he wanted coffee.)
(And what else do I have to do to entertain myself?)

Power outages do not keep me from the 31 Day Challenge!!

Today's theme is Stripes.

I will admit, I was not able to actually do my striped nails on the correct day but how lucky was I that I had a striped mani in my archive of things to post?

And it is a great mani, too! I did this one just before deciding to take on the challenge again.
It's probably a little bit spring-ish, but hey, I like it.

The base color I used is Essie - Haute As Hello. I forgot to take swatch pictures of this polish on its own but I absolutely adore it!
I bought it (along with three other Essies) with some of my sponsorship funds from Apothica.
It's a great coral orange, it does need three coats for full coverage but the formula goes on easy and dries really quick. And the color is so fun!
I don't have many Essie polishes but in general, the ones I have rock. I should really get some more!

The stripes were done with six Art Club Stripers. I believe the set they come in is called the Lights set. But I'm not 100% sure. I got this set (seven plus a topcoat) for $14.99 at Winners! I found the brushes really great and now I want more Art Club stripers. The color combo is a bit unusual but I think they all went together really nicely in the end.

Well... That's all! I guess I'll go back to my dark house now... :(

Tomorrow is my birthday! The power had better be back for my birthday!
Cross your fingers for me!!


  1. These are beautiful! What dedication!! Hope you get power back on ASAP and HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAY :D

  2. i'm so sorry about your lack of power! i know how awful that can be! i love this mani! its so fun and cute! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i hope its full of cake and power!

  3. Hopefully your electricity comes back soon! These nails are so cute, you're not supposed to use old pics for the challenges, but these are extenuating circumstances so we'll let you slide ;) haha. Springy? Well, maybe, but who cares, cute nails are ALWAYS in season!

  4. I hope your power comes back on! And Happy Birthday too - this mani is perfect!

  5. OMG-- I'm in love with this mani! Happy early birthday!!!

  6. Super cute mani. I have a black art club striper and it has gotten really goopy and un usable. Is there anyway I can get to not be goopy anymore? Have you had this issue with your stripers?

    1. buy some nail polish thinner from sally beauty supply! i had that issue with an older striper from art club, i used it so much and it was open so long as i was using it that it got goopy! but you can fix any goopy polish easy with thinner :)

  7. I've been thinking about buying these stripers but didn't know how good they were. Now that I've seen them in action I have to get them!

  8. It sucks that your power is out for so long... could be worse, your corvette could have been smooshed by your shed that you were building for it :P On another note, I like this mani and the colors you used A LOT! :) Best of luck with your power, and happy early birthday!!

  9. Beautiful nails- love the striping, and the colours you chose. Glad you (more or less) weathered the storm. I'll keep my fingers cross that power gets restored to you quickly!

  10. Guurrl I feel you on the no power thing. In general, our infrastructure isn't great but, on Sunday of all days, they cut the power to my house for the whole entire day to fix something. Like 14 hours with no power on a Sunday when everyone's home. Good going power company.

    In other news, your mani looks great! Lovin' the nubs too.

  11. oh this is so cute it looks like sweets :)

  12. This is super cute, i love it! Sorry your power is out, hope it comes back on for your birthday!